A.R. Kropp Co. LLC dba A.R. Kropp Company & Sons

Business Details

Legal Name A.R. Kropp Co. LLC dba A.R. Kropp Company & Sons
Address 1515-B Fifth Industrial Court
Bay Shore New York 11706
Phone (631) 549-9240
Email timothykropp@arkshelving.com
Web Site arkshelving.com
SFS Vendor ID 1100119502
Business Size $1,000,000 - $4,999,999
Specific Function Sales, Service, Installation of furniture, shelving, Back Office, and K-12 higher education furnishings
Keywords Furniture Dealer/Rep, Design, Sales, Installation, Office Furniture, Library Furniture, Shelving, Industrial Shelving and Accessories, K-12 and Higher Education Furniture, Healthcare Furniture, Compact Movable Shelving, Woven Wire Security Caging, Lockers, Bulletin Boards, Chalk Boards, White Boards, Shelf Filing Systems, Office Partitions, Monitor Mounts and Arms
Home Region Long Island
Counties Served Albany Bronx Columbia Dutchess Greene Nassau New York Orange Putnam Queens Rockland Suffolk Sullivan Ulster Westchester


337214 Office Furniture (except Wood) Manufacturing
238390 Other Building Finishing Contractors
337215 Showcase, Partition, Shelving, and Locker Manufacturing
337211 Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing

Primary SDVOB Contact

CEO Kropp, Timothy

NYS Centralized Contract

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