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Historical Contract Fuel Prices
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To view historical Net Fuel Prices, select a County, enter a Delivery Date and Click on " View Net Fuel Prices."
NOTE: Please note that net delivered prices for gasoline were not usually posted until one to two days after they take effect.
Prices are only available for the period 8/3/1998 through 12/31/2014 for all other Contracts not listed below.
To view the weekly posted fuel prices for the current Contract Awards:
  - Diesel (Group 05602, Award 22684);
  - Fuel Oil (Group 05500, Award 22685);
  - Gasoline (Group 05600, Award 22258); and
  - LP Gas (Group 05800, Award 22682 and Award 22780)
use the following page: https://online.ogs.ny.gov/purchase/FuelsPricingDefault.htm
Select Delivery County Enter Delivery Date [mm/dd/yyyy]
(Prices are only available for the period 8/3/1998 through 12/31/2014)

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