Information about Adobe® Acrobat Reader®

The free Adobe® Acrobat Reader® allows you to view, search and print PDF files across all major computing platforms.
If you are not sure whether you have the Reader installed, attempt to open this file. If the file does not open, you need to install the Reader.

Installation Instructions
The New York State Office of General Services does not provide the Adobe® Acrobat Reader® on its web site.
Please visit the Adobe site to obtain the latest reader.(

Notes on Accessibility for Screen Reader Users

One advantage of Adobe® Readers is that the font size can be adjusted to a large size which enables reader with limited sigh to see more clearly. However, because Adobe PDF supports complex layouts, screen readers may have difficulty with PDF documents. To overcome that problem, Adobe offers a tool to convert PDF document into HTML or text. The tool, as well as, user instructions are available at the Adobe web site (

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