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New York State Office of General Services - Empire State Plaza Art Collection Additional works:
    Triangles and Arches
Empire State Plaza Art Collection
Four at Forty-Five / 1966 By Alexander Calder
Medium: polychromed sheet metal
Dimensions: 5'-0" x 18'-0"
Location: Corning Tower Plaza Lobby
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Photo Credit: Michael Fredericks
Permission by: © 2010 Calder Foundation, New York/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Description: Alexander Calder is best known as the artist who successfully incorporated motion into sculpture. Finding the predictable movements of mechanized forms restrictive, he developed sail-like forms that, suspended on thin wire armatures, moved in the wind. They were given the name “mobiles” by Marcel Duchamp. Much of Calder’s art, which includes mobiles, stabiles, paintings, drawings, and jewelry, is characterized by a lively ingenuity. His mobiles are especially innovative, dancing in the air with their often brightly colored discs that dangle in eccentric yet balanced compositions. The gentle, slow movement of Calder’s work implies the continuous and mysterious flow of time acting on natural objects. <i>Four at Forty-Five Degrees</i> is constructed of brightly colored, biomorphically shaped discs that hang from a red armature. The largest shapes resemble lily pads and dangle from chains, appearing to float. The others are colorful abstract bodies that slowly move through space. The red, blue, and yellow colors and the eccentric shapes impart a festive atmosphere to the lobby of the Tower Building. <br /> <br /> Reproduction of this image, including downloading, is prohibited without written authorization from ARS, 536 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10112. Tel: 212.420.9160; Fax: 212.420.9286; e-mail: web: