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New York State Office of General Services - Empire State Plaza Art Collection Additional works:
    Four at Forty-Five
Empire State Plaza Art Collection
Triangles and Arches / 1965 By Alexander Calder
Medium: painted steel
Dimensions: 17'-10" x 28'- 0" x 20'-0"
Photo Credit: Michael Fredericks
Permission by: 2010 Clader Foundation, New York/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

Description: The stabile <i>Triangles and Arches</i>, although it incorporates shapes that are unmistakably identified with Calder, is less fanciful than the mobile. It is related to a number of monumental stabiles made in the 1960s that pursued architectural and environmental themes. Seen in public locations throughout the United States and Europe, including Lincoln Center in New York City, they are comprised of large plates of steel welded and bolted together and usually painted black. Dramatically positioned at the center of a large pool, this sculpture is composed of several large triangular forms with curved sides that appear to grow from each other and resemble the buttresses of Gothic cathedrals; the pinted tips of the triangles allude to church spires. Reproduction of this image, including downloading, is prohibited without written authorization from ARS, 536 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10112. Tel: 212.420.9160; Fax: 212.420.9286; e-mail: web: