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New York State Office of General Services - Empire State Plaza Art Collection
Empire State Plaza Art Collection
American Landscape / 1967 By Allan D'Arcangelo
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Dimensions: 9'-5 3/4" x 18'-6 3/4"
Location: North Concourse
Photo Credit: Michael Fredericks
Permission by: Art © Estate of Allan D'Arcangelo/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Description: <i>American Landscape</i> uses direct, simplified forms to portray a two-lane blacktop highway disappearing into an open, expansive landscape dominated by a blue sky. The perspective and the size of the canvas draw the viewer into the painting. Abstracted symbols from traffic signs refer to the highway landscape, and their use typifies Pop artists’ interest in public imagery. Black arrows, for example, painted in diminishing size, recall a road sign but also resemble telephone poles vanishing into the distance. At the left of the painting, a path painted in the yellow and red stripes of a road barrier appears as an imaginary route into the sky, overlapped by a large cloudlike form and an image of a road sign designating “no through passage.” Although the images are general and the road signs international, D’Arcangelo need hardly have titled the painting <i>American Landscape</i> to make its American character clear. Pop art, despite its European precedents, was quintessentially an American phenomenon. <br /><br />Reproduction of this image, including downloading, is prohibited without written authorization from VAGA, 350 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2820, New York, NY 10118. Tel: 212.736.6666; Fax: 212.736.6767; e-mail: web: