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Construction Management Opportunities
Project Number SD590
Title Construction Management Services - Upstate and Downstate
Location Various Locations in Upstate and Downstate Contracting Areas
Duration 3 Years with 2 one-year optional renewals
Minority Business Goal 15%
Women-Owned Business Goal 15%
SDVOB Business Goal 6%
Letters of Interest Due September 16, 2021
Number of Copies 2 copies
Project Description The Office of General Services, Design & Construction (OGS D&C) is seeking proposals to enter into a contract to provide construction management services as outlined in the scope of services. OGS D&C intends to award up to six (6) contracts to Construction Management (CM) Firms whose experience includes Pre-Construction Services. Up to 3 of these contracts will service the “Upstate” contracting area and up to 3 will service the “Downstate” contracting area. The “Upstate” contracting area includes counties in D&C Regions 4-7 and the “Downstate” contracting area includes counties in D&C Regions 1-3. The initial contract value will be $18,000,000 in each of the contracting areas. The term will be three (3) years with 2 one-year optional renewals. The State will utilize a “Best Value” selection process to ensure optimum quality, cost, and efficiency among responsive and responsible firms. For purposes of this Request for Proposals (RFP), the term “Owner” refers to OGS D&C. Once awarded, the State will utilize a similar secondary “Best Value” selection process for the distribution of individual work assignments.
Additional Requirements Additional information on the project, submission requirements, and procurement policies is available for download from the OGS website. Link:

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