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Beginning in April 2021, OGS Design & Construction (D&C) is implementing the use of Infotech’s Bid Express® service ( for a new “Electronic Plan Room.” Prospective bidders and other interested parties will be able to use the plan room to view and download bid documents for upcoming construction projects.
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How to Acquire Bid Documents
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Bid Documents Available
Project List
Project Trade(s) Title/Facility Bid Date  County
Q1805 C E P  Provide Bar Screen, Building 23 11/03/21  Cayuga
    Cayuga CF
M3132 C E  Replace Rear Gate Vehicle Compound 11/03/21  Dutchess
    Green Haven CF
M3158 Replace Domestic Water Heaters 11/03/21  New York
    Manhattan PC
46058 E H  Replace HVAC & Electric Equipment 11/03/21  Tompkins
    MacCormick SC
45858 C E H P  Rehabilitate Cell Blocks C & D, Building 2 11/03/21  Washington
    Great Meadow CF
47068 Masonry Repairs and Maintenance 11/17/21  Albany
45552 C E H P  Provide Sub-Headquarters Building 11/17/21  Dutchess
    East Fishkill
M3097 C E H P  Rehabilitate Kitchen Floor, Building 3 11/17/21  Dutchess
    Green Haven CF
47003 Replace Sidewalks & Signage, Buildings 17, 57, 58 & 60 11/17/21  Rockland
    Rockland PC
46031 Replace Windows, Building 18 12/01/21  Queens
    Creedmoor PC
46061 Relocate Building 131 Transformer and Add 12/01/21  Suffolk
    Pilgrim PC

How to Acquire Bid Documents

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