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Consultant Opportunities
Beginning in February 2020, D&C will be using the Infotech’s Bid Expressâ service ( for electronic processing of all architectural, engineering and surveying (i.e., qualifications-based) consultant procurements. Such consultant vendors will be able to use the service to download D&C’s Request For Qualifications (RFQ) packages, upload proposals, and obtain procurement status updates. For more information on Electronic Bidding click here. 
At this time, D&C will not be using the service for “best-value” procurements (Request For Proposals - RFPs) or “lowest price” procurements (Invitation For Bids - IFBs). RFPs and IFBs are used to procure construction management services, testing services and design-build contracts.
Current Opportunities
Project Title & Location Due Date Opportunity Type
SD442 Security Design Services -Term Contract 07/23/20 Design
Submission Under Review
Project Title & Location Opportunity Type
SC443 Construction Management Services - Troop A Headquarters - NYS Police Batavia Construction Management
SD237 Provide Architectural/Engineering Design and Review Design
SD321 Code Compliance Review & Inspection Design
SD434 Material Sampling, Testing & Inspection Services - Term Contract Testing
Project Title & Location Opportunity Type
46103 Rehabilitate Adult Living Units, Building 62 - Stand-Alone PHASED Contract  Design
Selected - Award Pending
Project Title & Location Opportunity Type
46218 Provide Imaging Bay, Building 39 – Stand-Alone PHASED Contract  Design
SC930 Provide Drinking Water Source Protection Program (DWSP2) Services  Design
SD076 Repair Steel Cell Backs and Utilities  Design
SD148 Construction Management Services  Construction Management
SD150 Building Envelope Design Services-Statewide  Design

Last Updated:  7/10/2020 10:27:23 AM