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Consultant Opportunities
Beginning in February 2020, D&C will be using the Infotech’s Bid Expressâ service ( for electronic processing of all architectural, engineering and surveying (i.e., qualifications-based) consultant procurements. Such consultant vendors will be able to use the service to download D&C’s Request For Qualifications (RFQ) packages, upload proposals, and obtain procurement status updates. For more information on Electronic Bidding click here. 
At this time, D&C will not be using the service for “best-value” procurements (Request For Proposals - RFPs) or “lowest price” procurements (Invitation For Bids - IFBs). RFPs and IFBs are used to procure construction management services, testing services and design-build contracts.
Current Opportunities
Project Title & Location Due Date Opportunity Type
SD590 Construction Management Services - Upstate and Downstate 09/08/21 Construction Management
Submission Under Review
Project Title & Location Opportunity Type
SD683 Construction Management Services - Manhattan Psychiatric Center & Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center Construction Management
Project Title & Location Opportunity Type
SD427 Electronic and Physical Security - Construction Management Services  Construction Management
Selected - Award Pending
Project Title & Location Opportunity Type
SD585 Environmental Remediation Design – Term Contract  Design

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