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Awarded Consultant Contracts

Awarded Contracts
Project TitleFirm NameAward DateAmount
SC727 Architectural Services Lomonaco & Pitts, Architects P.C. 4/12/2019 $3,000,000
SC723 Architectural Services Bergmann Assoc.,Arch.,Eng.,Landscape Arch.&Surveyors, D.P.C. 4/10/2019 $3,000,000
SC721 Architectural Services Bernier, Carr & Assoc. Eng. Arch. and Land Surveyors, P.C. 4/9/2019 $3,000,000
SC685 Security Design Services Term Contract Cannon Design Architecture and Engineering, P.C. 4/8/2019 $3,500,000
SC724 Architectural Services Bell & Spina, Architects-Planners, P.C. 4/5/2019 $3,000,000
SC722 Architectural Services Architectural Resources, P.C. 4/5/2019 $3,000,000
SC658 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide FPM Engineering & Geology, P.C. 4/5/2019 $3,000,000
SC641 Dam Inspections & Engineering Services Schnabel-Lachel Engineering, PC 3/14/2019 $2,000,000
SC684 Security Design Services Term Contract GHD Consulting Services Inc. 2/7/2019 $3,500,000
SC661 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Pathfinder Engineers and Architects, LLP 2/6/2019 $3,000,000
SC662 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Hesnor Engineering Associates, PLLC 2/6/2019 $3,000,000
SC372 Maintain Job Order Contracting System The Gordian Group 1/31/2019 $1,500,000
SC683 Security Design Services Term Contract CHA Consulting, Inc. 1/30/2019 $3,500,000
SC656 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Friedman Fisher Associates, PC 1/25/2019 $3,000,000
SC682 Security Design Services Term Contract LaBella Associates, DPC 1/25/2019 $3,500,000
SC659 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Delta Engineers, Architects, & Land Surveyors, D.P.C. 1/25/2019 $3,000,000
SC660 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide McFarland-Johnson, Inc. 1/25/2019 $3,000,000
SC655 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide RMF Engineering, Inc., P.C. 1/22/2019 $3,000,000

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