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Consultant Contracts Awarded
Contracts Awarded
From 10/25/2020 to 1/25/2021
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Project Title   Firm Name Award Date Amount
SD527 Security Design Services   LaBella Associates, DPC 12/29/2020 $5,000,000
SC443 CM Services Troop A Headquarters   LeChase Const. Svcs., LLC d/b/a LeChase Construction 12/17/2020 $1,500,000
SD148 CM Services, Term Contract Capital Region   Gilbane Building Company 12/11/2020 $10,000,000
SD496 Provide Architectural/Engineering Design & Review   Code Consultants Professional Engineers, P.C. 12/4/2020 $333,333
SD529 Security Design Services   GHD Consulting Services Inc. 12/4/2020 $5,000,000
SD528 Security Design Services   Sage Engineering Assoc., LLP 12/1/2020 $5,000,000
SD526 Security Design Services   CHA Consulting, Inc. 11/27/2020 $5,000,000
SD497 Provide Architectural/Engineering Design & Review   C & S Engineers, Inc. 11/6/2020 $333,333
SD498 Provide Architectural/Engineering Design & Review   Jensen Hughes Engineering, P.C. 11/5/2020 $333,333
SD420 Code Compliance Review & Inspection   STV Architects, P.C. 10/28/2020 $2,000,000

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