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Contracts Awarded
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Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 4/10/2020 to 7/10/2020

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45965-C Region 10 Var Locations Grace Industries LLC7/8/2020 $575,600
46142-C Onondaga Nation School Diamond Roofing Co., Inc.7/6/2020 $422,900
Q1801-C DMNA Headquarters RMZ CONTRACTING INC7/6/2020 $849,800
Q1756-C Upstate Medical Center Bouley Associates Inc.6/22/2020 $477,000
Q1756-E Upstate Medical Center Patricia Electric, Inc.6/22/2020 $425,450
Q1756-H Upstate Medical Center Siracusa Mechanical, Inc.6/22/2020 $87,900
Q1756-U Upstate Medical Center KONE Inc.6/22/2020 $1,478,825
M3119-C Elmira PC M.I.C. General Contracting Inc.6/17/2020 $641,800
M3119-E Elmira PC Matco Electric Corporation6/17/2020 $577,000
M3119-H Elmira PC Kimble, Inc.6/17/2020 $197,400
M3119-U Elmira PC Otis Elevator Company6/17/2020 $1,854,447
45996-C Region 9 Hancock S & L Roofing & Sheetmetal, Inc.6/1/2020 $426,900
46077-C Various DOT Facilities Gudabri, Inc.5/28/2020 $2,023,742
46077-E Various DOT Facilities Stilsing Electric, Inc.5/28/2020 $177,624
46084-C Various DOT Facilities - Oswego County Gudabri, Inc.5/22/2020 $1,966,814
46084-E Various DOT Facilities - Oswego County Concord Electric Corporation5/22/2020 $149,500
46126-C Region 4 Pavilion Gudabri, Inc.5/22/2020 $397,827
46126-E Region 4 Pavilion Hewitt Young Electric LLC5/22/2020 $45,900
45916-C Pilgrim PC UNITED PAVING CORP5/15/2020 $960,714
45356-C State Office BC Hoosick Valley Contractors Inc.5/11/2020 $248,000
46119-C Region 1 Petersburg Gudabri, Inc.5/7/2020 $646,217
46119-E Region 1 Petersburg CDE Electric, Inc.5/7/2020 $23,500
46093-C Region 6 Various Counties Park Lane Construction & Development Corp.5/1/2020 $996,454
46093-E Region 6 Various Counties Concord Electric Corporation5/1/2020 $50,800
46076-C Region 5 Lewiston Gudabri, Inc.4/30/2020 $461,747
46076-E Region 5 Lewiston CIR Electrical Construction Corp.4/30/2020 $72,100
46170-C Joint Forces Headquarters Bette & Cring, LLC4/30/2020 $4,243,500
46170-E Joint Forces Headquarters Hewitt Young Electric LLC4/30/2020 $757,000
45334-H Manhattan PC Inshallah Mechanical Corp.4/27/2020 $1,180,000
46130-C Cayuga CF Streeter Associates, Inc.4/27/2020 $2,383,000
46130-E Cayuga CF J & E Electric, Inc.4/27/2020 $825,000
46130-H Cayuga CF HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.4/27/2020 $664,000
46130-P Cayuga CF HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.4/27/2020 $297,000

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