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Contracts Awarded
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Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 1/18/2021 to 4/18/2021

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45820-C Central NY PC Akros Mgmt Inc4/14/2021 $187,600
45945-C Mid Hudson PC FIRSTLINE CONTRACTING INC3/30/2021 $496,600
46022-C Cook Chill Production Center Wallkill Group, Inc.3/29/2021 $373,000
46022-E Cook Chill Production Center Fanshawe, Inc. d/b/a Rockland Electric3/29/2021 $93,600
46022-H Cook Chill Production Center S & O Construction Services, Inc.3/29/2021 $142,326
47071-H Service Contract R.A.M.S. Mechanical Inc.3/29/2021 $1,000,000
45676-E Altona CF Weydman Electric, Inc.3/26/2021 $277,700
45676-H Altona CF Michael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.3/26/2021 $8,186,700
M3116-C Downstate CF Niko K Construction Corp3/26/2021 $685,000
M3116-E Downstate CF RLJ Electric Corporation3/26/2021 $111,000
M3116-H Downstate CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.3/26/2021 $29,584
M3116-P Downstate CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.3/26/2021 $23,796
47071-C Service Contract Pro Con Group, Inc3/25/2021 $2,000,000
46117-C Region 8. Putnam County Park Lane Construction & Development Corp.3/24/2021 $978,066
46117-E Region 8. Putnam County Hudson Valley Electrical Construction Management Inc3/24/2021 $74,444
47019-C Region 7 Plattsburgh Gudabri, Inc.3/24/2021 $1,814,025
47019-E Region 7 Plattsburgh William J. Murray, Inc.3/24/2021 $103,700
45977-H New York PI Maric Plumbing & Heating, Inc.3/24/2021 $820,603
46026-C New York City Children’s Center - Queens Campus Pioneer Landscaping & Asphalt Paving, Inc.3/23/2021 $1,161,700
45061-C Greater Binghamton HC Streeter Associates, Inc.3/19/2021 $2,065,700
46019-E Gouverneur CF Dow Electric, Inc.3/18/2021 $130,987
46019-H Gouverneur CF Hyde-Stone Mech. Contrs., Inc.3/18/2021 $3,117,598
47029-C Region 3 North Victory Gudabri, Inc.3/18/2021 $1,311,625
47029-E Region 3 North Victory Knapp Electric, Inc.3/18/2021 $71,000
Q1799-C Rockland PC, Hudson River Campus Vinco Builders, LLC3/18/2021 $223,900
47038-C Region 5 Salamanca Park Lane Construction & Development Corp.3/17/2021 $1,338,399
47038-E Region 5 Salamanca BECC LLC, dba BECC ELECTRIC3/17/2021 $52,750
47018-C Region 9 Berkshire Gudabri, Inc.3/17/2021 $1,298,727
47018-E Region 9 Berkshire NELCORP Electrical Contracting Corp.3/17/2021 $57,000
46078-C Various DOT Facilities - Region 2 Gudabri, Inc.3/17/2021 $2,563,286
46078-E Various DOT Facilities - Region 2 Flex Electric LLC3/17/2021 $176,224
45901-C Region 8 Millwood SH Stamford Wrecking Company3/16/2021 $341,673
47020-C Region 2 Oneida Gudabri, Inc.3/15/2021 $1,435,935
47020-E Region 2 Oneida Bagnall Electric, Inc.3/15/2021 $96,855
45649-C NYS Police Salt Point Nurzia Construction Corporation3/11/2021 $11,228,044
45649-E NYS Police Salt Point Kasselman Electric Co., Inc.3/11/2021 $1,821,330
45649-H NYS Police Salt Point C.B. Strain, A Division of DynamicSystems, Inc.3/11/2021 $2,517,000
45649-P NYS Police Salt Point DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.3/11/2021 $743,743
45955-C Village of Ellenville Matrukh Group Inc3/9/2021 $340,200
45947-C Mary Brooks Transitional Living Residence MPS Solutions Inc dba Massuridis Professional Services3/5/2021 $483,561
46043-C Pilgrim PC BSW GENERAL CONSTRUCTION CORP3/4/2021 $206,000
45137-C St. Albans Veterans Home Agustin Construction Corp.3/4/2021 $581,700
45946-C Mid Hudson PC Titan Roofing, Inc.3/1/2021 $133,000
46116-C Region 9 Monticello Park Lane Construction & Development Corp.3/1/2021 $769,930
46116-E Region 9 Monticello Hudson Valley Electrical Construction Management Inc3/1/2021 $52,111
46024-H Cook Chill Production Center S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/26/2021 $770,538
44086-C Highland RC Jett Industries, Inc.2/25/2021 $3,329,000
44086-E Highland RC Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.2/25/2021 $330,000
44086-H Highland RC D.J. Heating & A/C, Inc.2/25/2021 $45,200
44086-P Highland RC S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/25/2021 $75,285
47077-C Service Contract Kircher Construction, Inc.2/25/2021 $1,000,000
47072-P Service Contract Southeast Plumbing Corp.2/24/2021 $750,000
45877-C GNARESP Pump Station D.A. Collins Construction. Co., Inc.2/24/2021 $14,226,931
45877-E GNARESP Pump Station Stilsing Electric, Inc.2/24/2021 $370,000
45847-C Downstate CF Akros Mgmt Inc2/22/2021 $1,079,399
45847-E Downstate CF O'Connell Electric Company2/22/2021 $17,731,250
45847-H Downstate CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/22/2021 $743,260
45595-E Capital District PC Brownell Electric Corp.2/20/2021 $364,500
45595-H Capital District PC DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.2/20/2021 $5,957,957
47072-E Service Contract Stilsing Electric, Inc.2/19/2021 $1,000,000
M3077-C Fishkill CF STAR CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES INC2/16/2021 $214,700
M3077-E Fishkill CF Stilsing Electric, Inc.2/16/2021 $68,660
M3077-H Fishkill CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/16/2021 $26,900
M3077-P Fishkill CF A.V.L. Contractors, Inc.2/16/2021 $53,188
M3077-U Fishkill CF Otis Elevator Company2/16/2021 $867,350
45853-E Sullivan CF Kasselman Electric Co., Inc.2/11/2021 $1,695,389
45886-C Manhattan PC Niko K Construction Corp2/11/2021 $386,000
45321-C Kingsboro PC Vernon Hills Contracting Corp.2/10/2021 $3,865,577
Q1804-C Mid Hudson PC Jupiter Environmental Serv., Inc.2/10/2021 $173,800
Q1787-C Mohawk Valley PC L.M. Sessler Excav. & Wrecking, Inc.2/5/2021 $519,500
46036-C Mohawk Valley PC Akros Mgmt Inc2/4/2021 $209,699
45151-C Region 10 Elwood All-Con Contracting Corp2/3/2021 $6,694,000
45151-E Region 10 Elwood Eldor Contracting Corp.2/3/2021 $1,017,000
45151-H Region 10 Elwood TAMEER INC2/3/2021 $847,500
45151-P Region 10 Elwood W.H.M. Plumbing & Heating Contrs., Inc.2/3/2021 $436,564
45171-C Orleans CF STAR CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIES INC2/3/2021 $695,000
45171-E Orleans CF Concord Electric Corporation2/3/2021 $190,300
45171-P Orleans CF Nairy Mechanical, LLC2/3/2021 $175,100
Q1784-C Wyoming CF Massa Construction, Inc.2/1/2021 $338,400
45624-C Nathan Kline RI Awe Incorporated1/28/2021 $1,771,769
45624-E Nathan Kline RI Fanshawe, Inc. d/b/a Rockland Electric1/28/2021 $68,700
45624-H Nathan Kline RI John W. Danforth Company1/28/2021 $544,300
46010-E Upstate CF Watson Electric, Inc.1/27/2021 $102,649
46010-H Upstate CF DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.1/27/2021 $2,822,222
M3049-C Bedford Hills CF Nua Construction Corporation1/25/2021 $1,705,132
M3098-H Green Haven CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.1/22/2021 $1,238,887
46025-C New York City Children’s Center - Queens Campus Bagiana Construction Inc1/22/2021 $1,459,324
45659-C Rockland PC, Hudson River Campus Sundeep Construction Co., Inc.1/21/2021 $218,782
45659-E Rockland PC, Hudson River Campus CDE Electric, Inc.1/21/2021 $30,400
45659-H Rockland PC, Hudson River Campus S & O Construction Services, Inc.1/21/2021 $493,173
M3113-C Attica CF General Roofing Contractors, LLC1/20/2021 $595,222

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