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Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 5/16/2018 to 8/16/2018

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45140-C Sing Sing CF Nurzia Construction Corporation8/13/2018 $8,097,044
45140-E Sing Sing CF RLJ Electric Corporation8/13/2018 $669,000
45140-H Sing Sing CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/13/2018 $1,024,500
45140-P Sing Sing CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/13/2018 $199,425
45817-C Region 9 Deposit Dome Corp. of North America7/25/2018 $435,840
45817-E Region 9 Deposit Panko Electrical & Maintenance, Inc.7/25/2018 $19,900
45840-C Region 9 Castle Creek Gudabri, Inc.7/20/2018 $491,525
45840-E Region 9 Castle Creek Panko Electrical & Maintenance, Inc.7/20/2018 $19,900
45842-C Region 7 Hogansburg, MSH Dome Corp. of North America7/20/2018 $436,000
45842-E Region 7 Hogansburg, MSH ENI Mechanical Inc. dba Empire Northeast7/20/2018 $18,900
45846-C Region 6 Wellsville Gudabri, Inc.7/20/2018 $507,365
45846-E Region 6 Wellsville A. Treffeisen & Sons, LLC7/20/2018 $34,000
45016-E Sullivan CF Olympic Electric of the Hudson Valley, LLC7/20/2018 $394,600
45016-H Sullivan CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.7/20/2018 $8,529,870
45843-C Region 7 Lowville Dome Corp. of North America7/19/2018 $595,000
45843-E Region 7 Lowville Northern Pioneer Contractors, Inc.7/19/2018 $18,900
45795-C Various Albany OGS Locations DeBrino Caulking Assoc., Inc.7/16/2018 $5,000,000
45844-C Region 2 Utica MH Gudabri, Inc.7/12/2018 $517,079
45844-E Region 2 Utica MH Bagnall Electric, Inc.7/12/2018 $27,330
45256-E State OB Campus Stilsing Electric, Inc.7/12/2018 $252,257
45256-H State OB Campus FPI Mechanical, Inc.7/12/2018 $8,732,190
Q1746-E Groveland CF Concord Electric Corporation7/10/2018 $512,670
Q1746-U Groveland CF Bison Elevator Service, Inc.7/10/2018 $800,000
45845-C Region 7 Watertown, BCF Gudabri, Inc.7/10/2018 $421,525
45845-E Region 7 Watertown, BCF New Century Electric, Inc.7/10/2018 $20,199
45841-C Region 5 Fredonia Gudabri, Inc.7/10/2018 $550,927
45841-E Region 5 Fredonia BECC LLC, dba BECC ELECTRIC7/10/2018 $45,175
45465-C Sheridan Ave Steam Plant Hoosick Valley Contractors Inc.7/2/2018 $657,600
45465-E Sheridan Ave Steam Plant J McBain, Inc.7/2/2018 $138,906
45465-H Sheridan Ave Steam Plant E.W. Tompkins Company, Inc.7/2/2018 $42,720
45465-U Sheridan Ave Steam Plant Otis Elevator Company7/2/2018 $737,027
45667-E Salmon River Fish Hatchery Scriba Electric, Inc.7/2/2018 $87,321
45667-H Salmon River Fish Hatchery Lawman Heating & Cooling, Inc.7/2/2018 $623,000
Q1611-C Bedford Hills CF Fidelis Contracting Inc6/27/2018 $375,300
45720-C Region 9 Cobleskill Aktor Corporation6/25/2018 $229,800
M3090-C Pilgrim PC Apex Development Incorporated6/18/2018 $152,850
Q1730-E New York PI M & J Electrical Contractors Corp.6/15/2018 $157,000
45763-C Groveland CF Massa Construction, Inc.6/14/2018 $9,996,000
45763-E Groveland CF Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.6/14/2018 $3,596,000
45763-H Groveland CF Nairy Mechanical, LLC6/14/2018 $2,493,700
45763-P Groveland CF Nairy Mechanical, LLC6/14/2018 $1,593,700
45598-C Stewart Landing Dam The Wesson Group Llc6/13/2018 $1,411,411
45442-E Columbia SC for Girls Environmental & Fueling Sys., LLC6/12/2018 $38,616
45442-H Columbia SC for Girls E.W. Tompkins Company, Inc.6/12/2018 $378,600
45153-E Taconic CF Atlantic Electric, Inc.6/11/2018 $179,550
45153-H Taconic CF EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning6/11/2018 $2,241,700
M3094-C Norris ATC Elmer W. Davis, Inc.6/8/2018 $999,088
45391-C Marcy CF Con Tech Building Systems, Inc.6/8/2018 $2,047,300
45391-E Marcy CF Weydman Electric, Inc.6/8/2018 $341,400
45391-H Marcy CF H.J. Brandeles Corp.6/8/2018 $498,000
45391-P Marcy CF H.J. Brandeles Corp.6/8/2018 $197,000
44999-H Sing Sing CF EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning6/7/2018 $1,040,200
Q1732-H Groveland CF John W. Danforth Company6/7/2018 $1,015,900
M3078-C Kingsboro PC Anjac Enterprises, Inc.6/5/2018 $1,277,700
45540-C Perch River WMA Tioga Construction Co., Inc.6/4/2018 $1,933,000
45479-C SUNY Downstate MC M & J Electrical Contractors Corp.6/4/2018 $537,000
45826-P Service Contract HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.6/4/2018 $500,000
45532-C Service Contract Aventura Construction Corp.6/1/2018 $6,000,000
Q1731-C Groveland CF General Roofing Contractors, LLC6/1/2018 $1,389,812
45490-C New York State Capitol Jat Construction Co., Inc.5/31/2018 $117,378
45490-E New York State Capitol J McBain, Inc.5/31/2018 $35,183
45490-P New York State Capitol Rmb Mechanical, Inc.5/31/2018 $199,700
45753-C Cairo Maintenance Headquarters Jat Construction Co., Inc.5/31/2018 $120,295
45825-H Service Contract HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.5/31/2018 $750,000
45670-C Region 1 Warrensburg Gudabri, Inc.5/30/2018 $574,350
45670-E Region 1 Warrensburg Dow Electric, Inc.5/30/2018 $38,200
Q1656-C Auburn CF R. DeVincentis Construction, Inc.5/29/2018 $3,133,000
45533-C Service Contract Environmental & Fueling Sys., LLC5/23/2018 $6,000,000
45534-C Service Contract Nature's Way Environmental Consultants & Contractors, Inc.5/22/2018 $6,000,000
45531-C Service Contract Environmental & Fueling Sys., LLC5/22/2018 $3,500,000
45828-H Service Contract Wilkins Mechanical, Inc.5/17/2018 $750,000
45826-H Service Contract HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.5/17/2018 $750,000
45823-H Service Contract Family Danz Mechanical LLC5/16/2018 $500,000
44797-C Sullivan CF Brush Construction, Inc.5/16/2018 $2,361,550
44797-E Sullivan CF Olympic Electric of the Hudson Valley, LLC5/16/2018 $313,900
44797-H Sullivan CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.5/16/2018 $433,218
44797-P Sullivan CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.5/16/2018 $1,081,265

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