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Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 3/16/2019 to 6/16/2019

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45600-C NYS Police Batavia Weaver Metal & Roofing Inc.6/12/2019 $1,178,300
45600-E NYS Police Batavia Concord Electric Corporation6/12/2019 $42,200
45600-H NYS Police Batavia Willett Builders, Inc.6/12/2019 $588,200
45900-C Various Region 1, DOT Facilities Dome Corp. of North America6/12/2019 $1,789,014
45900-E Various Region 1, DOT Facilities Spring Electric, Inc.6/12/2019 $85,625
45912-C Various DOT Locations, Livingston County Gudabri, Inc.6/12/2019 $1,016,124
45912-E Various DOT Locations, Livingston County Concord Electric Corporation6/12/2019 $63,500
45897-C Various Region 5 Facilities Park Lane Construction & Development Corp.6/7/2019 $1,431,167
45897-E Various Region 5 Facilities CIR Electrical Construction Corp.6/7/2019 $178,500
Q1707-C Cook Chill Production Center Doyle Contracting, Inc.6/5/2019 $2,578,300
Q1707-E Cook Chill Production Center Atlantic Electric, Inc.6/5/2019 $283,000
Q1707-H Cook Chill Production Center Gerard's Plumbing & Heating Corp.6/5/2019 $891,000
Q1707-P Cook Chill Production Center S & O Construction Services, Inc.6/5/2019 $215,160
45690-C State OB Campus Reale Const. Co., Inc.6/5/2019 $1,154,700
45584-E Ten Eyck OB Brownell Electric Corp.6/5/2019 $239,000
45584-H Ten Eyck OB DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.6/5/2019 $4,329,329
45375-C GNARESP Corning Tower Avenue Contracting Inc6/5/2019 $1,774,000
45895-C Region 9, Various Counties Gudabri, Inc.6/3/2019 $1,875,614
45895-E Region 9, Various Counties NELCORP Electrical Contracting Corp.6/3/2019 $122,230
45911-C Various DOT Locations Westchester Co Dome Corp. of North America6/3/2019 $1,223,850
45911-E Various DOT Locations Westchester Co L.K.M. Ltd.6/3/2019 $89,300
45905-C Region 8 Dutchess County Dome Corp. of North America5/30/2019 $1,079,840
45905-E Region 8 Dutchess County Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.5/30/2019 $77,777
45716-C State OB Campus Kingsley Arms, Inc.5/30/2019 $1,164,962
45809-C Kingsboro PC Urban Ecospaces Inc5/28/2019 $355,300
Q1767-C NYC Armory, Lexington B N RESTORATION INC.5/24/2019 $1,353,786
45950-C Region 2 Long Lake Reale Const. Co., Inc.5/23/2019 $789,600
45234-C Great Meadow CF Hoosick Valley Contractors Inc.5/23/2019 $748,100
45234-E Great Meadow CF George J. Martin & Son, Inc.5/23/2019 $10,488,332
45234-H Great Meadow CF Wilkins Mechanical, Inc.5/23/2019 $570,000
45161-E Bedford Hills CF Atlantic Electric, Inc.5/22/2019 $42,950
45161-H Bedford Hills CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.5/22/2019 $1,170,886
45005-C Wallkill CF NBA Construction Incorporated5/21/2019 $641,100
45259-C Brookwood SC Hoosick Valley Contractors Inc.5/8/2019 $2,657,900
45259-E Brookwood SC J McBain, Inc.5/8/2019 $1,120,562
45259-H Brookwood SC DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.5/8/2019 $1,338,632
45259-P Brookwood SC Condor Fire Sprinkler Co., LLC5/8/2019 $171,700
45509-E Brookwood Secure Lacorte Companies, Inc.5/7/2019 $88,500
45509-H Brookwood Secure DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.5/7/2019 $1,638,638
M3117-H Willard Drug Treatment Center C&S Technical Resources, Inc.5/2/2019 $355,631
45937-B GNARESP Agency 4 Aktor Corporation4/30/2019 $1,014,890
45681-E Groveland CF JB Daniel LLC4/26/2019 $158,900
45681-P Groveland CF STC Construction, Inc.4/26/2019 $172,800
45635-C Ten Eyck OB Aktor Corporation4/24/2019 $225,600
45635-E Ten Eyck OB J McBain, Inc.4/24/2019 $221,100
45635-H Ten Eyck OB Eckert Mechanical, LLC4/24/2019 $154,814
45635-U Ten Eyck OB Otis Elevator Company4/24/2019 $2,585,000
45811-P Rockland PC S & O Construction Services, Inc.4/18/2019 $344,118
45704-P New York PI EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning4/17/2019 $1,568,480
45896-C 44 Holland Ave OB Aktor Corporation4/17/2019 $749,914
45609-C NYC Armory, Lexington Jupiter Environmental Serv., Inc.4/16/2019 $9,740,000
45783-H Pilgrim PC EMCOR SERVICES NEW YORK NEW JERSEY INC4/12/2019 $939,310
45812-C Rockland PC, Hudson River Campus Cristo Demolition, Inc.4/12/2019 $131,600
45932-C Region 2 Oneida Dewald Roofing Co. Inc.3/28/2019 $294,477
45522-E Southport CF Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.3/28/2019 $9,816,000
45522-H Southport CF Kimble, Inc.3/28/2019 $62,300
45444-C Auburn Correctional Facility Bette & Cring, LLC3/28/2019 $6,425,400
45444-E Auburn Correctional Facility Kaplan-Schmidt Electric, Inc.3/28/2019 $484,000
45444-H Auburn Correctional Facility Siracusa Mechanical, Inc.3/28/2019 $765,570
45444-P Auburn Correctional Facility Siracusa Mechanical, Inc.3/28/2019 $134,750
44922-C Clinton CF Dow Electric, Inc.3/28/2019 $2,099,857
44922-E Clinton CF Weydman Electric, Inc.3/28/2019 $789,000
44922-P Clinton CF L.H. LaPlante Company, Inc.3/28/2019 $6,077,000
Q1740-C Fishkill CF Aktor Corporation3/27/2019 $896,918
Q1740-E Fishkill CF Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.3/27/2019 $198,888
Q1740-H Fishkill CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.3/27/2019 $159,401
Q1740-P Fishkill CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.3/27/2019 $159,791
M3092-C Hudson CF Louis C. Allegrone, Inc.3/26/2019 $887,900
45721-C Binghamton State OB R. DeVincentis Construction, Inc.3/26/2019 $1,683,333
45739-C Orangeburg Armory Alvion Group, Inc.3/26/2019 $1,593,100
44696-H Sing Sing CF EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning3/26/2019 $4,745,300
45010-C Otisville CF Arold Construction Co., Inc.3/26/2019 $800,000
45521-C Auburn CF Bouley Associates Inc.3/26/2019 $177,400
45521-E Auburn CF O'Connell Electric Company3/26/2019 $13,720,438
45521-H Auburn CF HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.3/26/2019 $277,400
Q1737-C Manhattan PC Pioneer Landscaping & Asphalt Paving, Inc.3/25/2019 $7,272,700
45836-E Mid Hudson PC Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.3/18/2019 $145,444
45836-H Mid Hudson PC Simple Fix HVAC Professionals 3/18/2019 $805,800
45890-H Pilgrim Psychiatric Center, Community Residences Boilermatic Welding Industries, Inc.3/18/2019 $506,200
45647-P Bare Hill CF Burns Bros. Contractors, Inc.3/18/2019 $2,380,000

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