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Contracts Awarded
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Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 7/28/2020 to 10/28/2020

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
46253-C Service Contract Upstate Companies I, LLC10/23/2020 $2,000,000
Q1782-H Stony Brook Region 1 Headquarters North Shore Climate Control, Inc.10/23/2020 $1,300,895
Q1796-C NYS Police Ray Brook Reale Const. Co., Inc.10/21/2020 $259,800
Q1797-C Montrose Veterans Home PROBUILDERO CORP10/9/2020 $560,859
45319-C Brookwood Secure General Roofing Contractors, LLC10/9/2020 $1,138,222
45319-E Brookwood Secure CDE Electric, Inc.10/9/2020 $16,190
45601-C Fishkill CF The Franklin Company Contractors, Inc.10/9/2020 $1,725,311
45601-E Fishkill CF RLJ Electric Corporation10/9/2020 $321,000
45601-H Fishkill CF Metro Environmental Services Llc10/9/2020 $1,265,950
M3108-H Gouverneur CF Wilkins Mechanical, Inc.10/8/2020 $2,649,600
44676-C Southport CF Streeter Associates, Inc.10/7/2020 $1,947,000
44676-E Southport CF Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.10/7/2020 $271,800
45764-E Wende CF O'Connell Electric Company10/6/2020 $21,409
45764-H Wende CF John W. Danforth Company10/6/2020 $439,934
Q1774-C Salmon River Fish Hatchery D.C. Building Systems, Inc.10/2/2020 $2,460,400
45711-E Mid State CF Stilsing Electric, Inc.10/1/2020 $89,735
45711-H Mid State CF HT Lyons Inc.10/1/2020 $1,966,633
46086-C Jamaica Armory Suffolk Construction Co., Inc.9/30/2020 $85,287,731
46172-C Staten Island Armory KSR Construction Corp.9/29/2020 $304,200
M3123-C David Axelrod Institute Marfi Contracting Corp.9/29/2020 $3,947,000
45672-C Albion CF Nature's Way Environmental Consultants & Contractors, Inc.9/25/2020 $1,023,811
45672-E Albion CF JB Daniel LLC9/25/2020 $79,200
45672-H Albion CF Nature's Way Environmental Consultants & Contractors, Inc.9/25/2020 $1,859,835
46185-C Staten Island Armory Marfi Contracting Corp.9/22/2020 $894,600
46221-C Buffalo Armory, Masten Javen Construction Co., Inc.9/18/2020 $625,199
46221-E Buffalo Armory, Masten O'Connell Electric Company9/18/2020 $133,055
46221-H Buffalo Armory, Masten John W. Danforth Company9/18/2020 $149,700
46221-P Buffalo Armory, Masten Everlasting Water Inc. dba Camtech Plumbing and Mechanical9/18/2020 $206,679
46223-C Buffalo Armory Sicoli Construction Services, Inc.9/18/2020 $777,200
46223-E Buffalo Armory O'Connell Electric Company9/18/2020 $201,447
46223-H Buffalo Armory D.V. Brown & Associates, Inc.9/18/2020 $274,310
46223-P Buffalo Armory M.K.S. Plumbing Corp.9/18/2020 $190,000
46255-E Service Contract Stilsing Electric, Inc.9/18/2020 $500,000
46257-E Service Contract Stilsing Electric, Inc.9/17/2020 $500,000
46183-E Rochester AASF Concord Electric Corporation9/17/2020 $528,900
46226-C Peekskill Armory MPS Solutions Inc dba Massuridis Professional Services9/17/2020 $710,700
46253-P Service Contract DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.9/15/2020 $500,000
46254-C Service Contract Dow Electric, Inc.9/15/2020 $1,000,000
46254-E Service Contract Stilsing Electric, Inc.9/14/2020 $500,000
46254-H Service Contract L.H. LaPlante Company, Inc.9/14/2020 $500,000
46254-P Service Contract DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.9/14/2020 $500,000
46256-C Service Contract Dow Electric, Inc.9/14/2020 $1,000,000
46256-E Service Contract Stilsing Electric, Inc.9/14/2020 $500,000
46258-P Service Contract Wilkins Mechanical, Inc.9/14/2020 $500,000
46255-T Service Contract Titan Roofing, Inc.9/11/2020 $1,000,000
46153-C Region 3 Camillus W. C. A. Roofing & Sheet Metal Co., Inc.9/11/2020 $175,700
45956-C Newark DDSO, Wayne Apollo Dismantling Services, LLC9/9/2020 $482,209
46066-E Joint Forces Headquarters Hewitt Young Electric LLC9/9/2020 $1,248,000
46015-E Dunkirk Armory BECC LLC, dba BECC ELECTRIC9/8/2020 $41,000
46015-H Dunkirk Armory Greater Niagara Mechanical, Inc.9/8/2020 $478,200
46134-C Orleans CF Burgio & Campofelice, Inc.9/8/2020 $2,338,877
46134-E Orleans CF Frey Electric Construction Co., Inc.9/8/2020 $823,000
46134-H Orleans CF Crosby-Brownlie, Inc.9/8/2020 $449,400
46134-P Orleans CF Michael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.9/8/2020 $584,700
46136-C Upstate CF Con Tech Building Systems, Inc.9/4/2020 $10,218,300
46136-E Upstate CF William J. Murray, Inc.9/4/2020 $4,486,000
46136-H Upstate CF John W. Danforth Company9/4/2020 $2,795,000
46136-P Upstate CF DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.9/4/2020 $3,875,875
46225-B Various Albany OGS Locations Alvion Group, Inc.9/4/2020 $1,000,000
45703-C Hudson CF American Jail Products, LLC9/3/2020 $812,579
44992-C Otisville CF OCS Industries, Inc.9/3/2020 $2,031,882
44992-E Otisville CF M. Scher & Son Inc.9/3/2020 $3,493,729
44992-H Otisville CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.9/3/2020 $285,587
Q1802-C NYS Police Guilderland Mid-State Industries, Ltd.9/3/2020 $208,921
46046-C Camp Smith Training Site Vinco Builders, LLC9/2/2020 $1,913,836
46046-E Camp Smith Training Site Global Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.9/2/2020 $602,448
46046-H Camp Smith Training Site S & O Construction Services, Inc.9/2/2020 $1,878,403
46046-P Camp Smith Training Site S & L Plumbing & Heating Corp.9/2/2020 $597,000
46016-C Ronkonkoma AASF All-Con Contracting Corp8/27/2020 $995,000
45861-C Taconic CF Arold Construction Co., Inc.8/27/2020 $1,155,000
M3099-C New York PI EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning8/26/2020 $633,200
M3109-C Fishkill CF Niko K Construction Corp8/24/2020 $1,656,000
46133-C Greene CF Hoosick Valley Contractors Inc.8/24/2020 $6,741,800
46133-E Greene CF DLC Electric LLC8/24/2020 $1,581,557
46133-H Greene CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/24/2020 $1,966,425
46133-P Greene CF Collett Mechanical, Inc.8/24/2020 $339,200
45830-C Various OGS Locations Titan Roofing, Inc.8/21/2020 $1,000,000
46137-C Bedford Hills CF Nurzia Construction Corporation8/14/2020 $3,691,344
46137-E Bedford Hills CF RLJ Electric Corporation8/14/2020 $765,000
46137-H Bedford Hills CF ACS System Associates, Inc.8/14/2020 $846,600
46137-P Bedford Hills CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/14/2020 $288,619
46129-C Collins CF Burgio & Campofelice, Inc.8/14/2020 $2,399,729
46129-E Collins CF O'Connell Electric Company8/14/2020 $1,234,720
46129-H Collins CF Willett Builders, Inc.8/14/2020 $1,108,000
46129-P Collins CF M.K.S. Plumbing Corp.8/14/2020 $538,000
46131-C Fishkill CF Massa Construction, Inc.8/14/2020 $3,692,600
46131-E Fishkill CF Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.8/14/2020 $1,211,111
46131-H Fishkill CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/14/2020 $749,234
46131-P Fishkill CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/14/2020 $852,416
46132-C Gouverneur CF NORTHERN TIER CONTRACTING INC8/14/2020 $2,873,500
46132-E Gouverneur CF S & L Electric, Inc.8/14/2020 $724,612
46132-H Gouverneur CF Northern Mechanicals, Inc.8/14/2020 $987,200
46132-P Gouverneur CF Skelly Contractors, Inc.8/14/2020 $670,100
Q1719-C Eastern CF Darlind Associates, Inc.8/12/2020 $1,847,000
Q1719-E Eastern CF Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.8/12/2020 $190,111
Q1719-P Eastern CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/12/2020 $99,922
45429-C Green Haven CF W. M. Schultz Construction, Inc.8/10/2020 $16,959,000
45429-E Green Haven CF Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.8/10/2020 $1,444,444
45429-H Green Haven CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/10/2020 $195,084
45429-P Green Haven CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/10/2020 $169,999
45879-C Region 7 Norfolk, OGS Region 5 Con Tech Building Systems, Inc.8/7/2020 $4,176,200
45879-E Region 7 Norfolk, OGS Region 5 Perras Construction Services, Inc.8/7/2020 $643,626
45879-H Region 7 Norfolk, OGS Region 5 Northern Mechanicals, Inc.8/7/2020 $547,899
45879-P Region 7 Norfolk, OGS Region 5 Norwood Plumbing, Inc.8/7/2020 $257,121
45918-C Cook Chill Production Center Arold Construction Co., Inc.8/7/2020 $432,600
46079-E 625 Broadway Spring Electric, Inc.8/5/2020 $33,100
46079-H 625 Broadway Postler & Jaeckle Corp.8/5/2020 $709,343
45914-E Sagamore CPC Polaris Electrical Construction Corp.7/30/2020 $95,496
45914-H Sagamore CPC Inshallah Mechanical Corp.7/30/2020 $1,579,200
45929-C Clinton CF Sharan Builders, Inc.7/28/2020 $5,780,300

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