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Contracts Awarded
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Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 1/1/2020 to 4/1/2020

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45987-P GNARESP Robert Abrams Building for Law and Justice VMJR Companies LLC3/27/2020 $217,200
45997-C St Regis Mohawk School PTL Contracting Corp.3/27/2020 $2,155,700
45997-E St Regis Mohawk School Dow Electric, Inc.3/27/2020 $92,169
45997-H St Regis Mohawk School L.H. LaPlante Company, Inc.3/27/2020 $121,000
45997-P St Regis Mohawk School L.H. LaPlante Company, Inc.3/27/2020 $91,000
45054-C Green Haven CF PCC Contracting Inc.3/26/2020 $1,968,400
45054-E Green Haven CF Kasselman Electric Co., Inc.3/26/2020 $249,609
45054-H Green Haven CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.3/26/2020 $441,676
45054-P Green Haven CF Dutchess Mechanical, Inc.3/26/2020 $1,567,630
45760-C Rush Landfill Diehl Development, Inc. dba Diehl Sand and Gravel3/23/2020 $1,535,900
45760-E Rush Landfill O'Connell Electric Company3/23/2020 $296,819
45889-H Sagamore CPC Boilermatic Welding Industries, Inc.3/20/2020 $1,052,500
45967-C Hughes State OB Pulver Roofing Co., Inc.3/18/2020 $965,500
Q1794-E 44 Holland Ave OB Arcon Constr. & Mgmt. Svc., Inc.3/13/2020 $34,300
Q1794-H 44 Holland Ave OB DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.3/13/2020 $483,483
45802-C Academy of Fire Science Bothar Construction Llc3/13/2020 $1,587,787
45802-E Academy of Fire Science Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.3/13/2020 $182,200
45802-P Academy of Fire Science HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.3/13/2020 $146,200
45621-C New York PI EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning3/13/2020 $838,300
45650-C Kingsboro PC Ground Control Excavating, Inc.3/13/2020 $938,800
45566-C State OB Campus James H. Maloy, Inc.3/12/2020 $2,865,100
46168-C Service Contract Kircher Construction, Inc.3/11/2020 $1,000,000
46161-E Service Contract Mac Fhionnghaile & Sons Electrical Contracting Inc.3/6/2020 $750,000
46263-P Bare Hill CF Burns Bros Contractors LLC3/6/2020 $1,884,862
46163-E Service Contract Stilsing Electric, Inc.3/3/2020 $1,000,000
45674-E Ogdensburg CF Collins-Hammond Electrical Contractors, Inc.3/3/2020 $221,400
45674-H Ogdensburg CF Burns Bros Contractors LLC3/3/2020 $9,490,000
46165-P Service Contract HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.2/28/2020 $500,000
46167-P Service Contract HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.2/28/2020 $500,000
M3106-C Downstate CF JTS Construction of Dutchess, Inc.2/25/2020 $377,222
45771-C Pavement Marking Crew Facility KSR Construction Corp.2/21/2020 $941,000
45771-E Pavement Marking Crew Facility Polaris Electrical Construction Corp.2/21/2020 $123,800
45771-H Pavement Marking Crew Facility Premier Mechanical Services Inc.2/21/2020 $657,000
45771-P Pavement Marking Crew Facility Maccarone Plumbing, Inc.2/21/2020 $117,860
45147-C NYS Police Salt Point Condor Fire Sprinkler Co., LLC2/21/2020 $1,332,300
45147-E NYS Police Salt Point Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.2/21/2020 $68,755
45966-C State OB Campus Kingsley Arms, Inc.2/20/2020 $2,000,000
Q1735-C Wallkill CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/14/2020 $796,194
Q1735-E Wallkill CF Environmental & Fueling Sys., LLC2/14/2020 $49,630
Q1735-H Wallkill CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.2/14/2020 $274,295
SD316-C Fair Haven Beach SP CHA Consulting, Inc.2/13/2020 $2,200,000
45944-C ESP East Parking Garage Structural Preservation Systems, LLC2/13/2020 $18,722,525
46039-C Dulles State OB Talon AB Inc, dba Al's Construction2/13/2020 $467,500
M3101-E Mohawk CF Stilsing Electric, Inc.1/16/2020 $123,791
M3101-H Mohawk CF John W. Danforth Company1/16/2020 $911,800
46224-C Various Cayuga Facilities Weeks Marine Inc.1/13/2020 $7,000,000
45539-C Various Locations - Water Resources The L.C. Whitford Co., Inc.1/9/2020 $991,700
45562-C Elmira CF M.I.C. General Contracting Inc.1/9/2020 $554,800
45562-E Elmira CF Matco Electric Corporation1/9/2020 $15,460,000
45562-H Elmira CF Kimble, Inc.1/9/2020 $508,475
Q1789-H David Axelrod Institute FPI Mechanical, Inc.1/8/2020 $844,582

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