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Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 11/19/2017 to 2/19/2018

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
Q1728-C Fishkill CF American Jail Products, LLC2/16/2018 $349,750
45515-C State OB Campus General Roofing Contractors, LLC2/14/2018 $2,694,776
45156-C Fishkill CF Northbrook Contracting Corp.2/13/2018 $1,473,000
45156-E Fishkill CF Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.2/13/2018 $221,222
45156-P Fishkill CF Broly Inc2/13/2018 $21,900
45496-C Region 4 Lakeville F.W. Construction Corp. of Rochester2/9/2018 $482,000
45496-E Region 4 Lakeville JB Daniel LLC2/9/2018 $51,200
45496-H Region 4 Lakeville Navalis Company, Inc. dba Cogenic Mechanical2/9/2018 $74,570
41347-C Downstate CF American Jail Products, LLC2/5/2018 $1,442,240
45179-E Greene CF J McBain, Inc.1/31/2018 $93,801
45179-H Greene CF DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.1/31/2018 $8,133,133
44822-C Region 5 Farmersville Massa Construction, Inc.1/30/2018 $3,394,200
44822-E Region 5 Farmersville O'Connell Electric Company1/30/2018 $551,900
44822-H Region 5 Farmersville Navalis Company, Inc. dba Cogenic Mechanical1/30/2018 $531,670
44822-P Region 5 Farmersville M.K.S. Plumbing Corp.1/30/2018 $260,000
43215-C Great Meadow CF Maximum Security Products Corp.1/25/2018 $798,600
43215-P Great Meadow CF DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.1/24/2018 $77,777
45327-C Albion CF Steve General Contractor, Inc.1/24/2018 $706,200
45327-E Albion CF JB Daniel LLC1/24/2018 $76,000
45327-H Albion CF John W. Danforth Company1/24/2018 $82,000
45327-P Albion CF D.V. Brown & Associates, Inc.1/24/2018 $97,000
41859-C Eastern CF Arold Construction Co., Inc.1/24/2018 $7,455,040
41859-E Eastern CF Stilsing Electric, Inc.1/24/2018 $226,272
41859-P Eastern CF CFI Contracting Inc1/24/2018 $705,000
45748-C Service Contract The Pike Company, Inc.1/24/2018 $1,000,000
45797-C Frontier Town Campground The Wesson Group Llc1/19/2018 $372,600
45747-C Service Contract Kircher Construction, Inc.1/16/2018 $1,000,000
45745-T Service Contract Sierra Delta Contracting, Llc1/12/2018 $1,000,000
45741-H Service Contract AWL Industries, Inc.1/12/2018 $1,000,000
45565-E Brookwood SC Stilsing Electric, Inc.1/12/2018 $149,354
45565-H Brookwood SC DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.1/12/2018 $589,589
45741-C Service Contract Pro Con Group, Inc1/10/2018 $2,000,000
45742-E Service Contract Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.1/9/2018 $1,000,000
45762-C Adirondack CF T.J. Fiacco Construction, LLC1/5/2018 $3,662,969
45762-E Adirondack CF Dow Electric, Inc.1/5/2018 $285,039
45762-H Adirondack CF L.H. LaPlante Company, Inc.1/5/2018 $342,000
45762-P Adirondack CF DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.1/5/2018 $493,493
Q1725-C Rochester PC Apollo Dismantling Services, LLC1/3/2018 $207,117
45222-C Washington CF New Britain Roofing Co., Inc.12/28/2017 $2,310,622
45273-C Region 1, S. Glens Falls VMJR Companies LLC12/28/2017 $2,440,800
45273-E Region 1, S. Glens Falls Harold R. Clune, Inc.12/28/2017 $339,000
45273-H Region 1, S. Glens Falls DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.12/28/2017 $412,412
45273-P Region 1, S. Glens Falls DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.12/28/2017 $222,222
45423-C GNARESP The EGG VMJR Companies LLC12/22/2017 $974,000
45423-E GNARESP The EGG J McBain, Inc.12/22/2017 $122,272
45423-H GNARESP The EGG Family Danz Mechanical LLC12/22/2017 $139,000
45423-P GNARESP The EGG DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.12/22/2017 $111,111
45303-E NYS Veterans Home, Oxford NELCORP Electrical Contracting Corp.12/15/2017 $207,800
Q1665-C Brookwood SC Del Signore Blacktop Paving Inc12/13/2017 $967,100
SB818-C NYS Fairgrounds HBP Joint Venture12/12/2017 $62,643,167
45405-H New York PI Zoi Contracting Inc.12/8/2017 $772,200
45316-C Sagamore CPC More Consulting Corp.12/6/2017 $5,424,100
45516-U Dulles State OB Otis Elevator Company12/4/2017 $377,082
M3079-C Manhattan PC Anjac Enterprises, Inc.12/4/2017 $968,177
45426-E Cook Chill Production Center Prestige Electric, LLC11/21/2017 $42,600
45426-H Cook Chill Production Center EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning11/21/2017 $617,480

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