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Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 7/16/2019 to 10/16/2019

**Note for Utilization Plan(s), click on Contract No.**

Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45641-U Kingsboro PC EX Air, Inc. d/b/a DDC Air Conditioning10/10/2019 $2,966,700
45943-C GNARESP Plaza Level A.J.S. Masonry Inc.10/10/2019 $4,754,202
44981-C AE Smith State OB JERSEN CONSTRUCTION GROUP, LLC10/4/2019 $3,747,900
44981-E AE Smith State OB Lacorte Companies, Inc.10/4/2019 $979,000
44981-H AE Smith State OB DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.10/4/2019 $682,682
Q1738-C Coxsackie CF American Jail Products, LLC10/3/2019 $322,900
45729-C Hornell Armory Apex Development Incorporated9/30/2019 $1,420,627
45743-C Troy Armory, So Lake Ave Alvion Group, Inc.9/26/2019 $449,600
45751-C NYC Armory, 5th Ave Apex Development Incorporated9/26/2019 $3,100,027
45727-C Geneseo Armory Steve General Contractor, Inc.9/26/2019 $1,556,600
45931-E NYC Armory, Lexington Global Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.9/26/2019 $2,238,100
45978-C Geneseo Armory S & L Roofing & Sheetmetal, Inc.9/26/2019 $993,900
45661-C NYC Armory, 5th Ave PB Contracting Corp9/26/2019 $3,231,611
M3105-C Hutchings PC CJ Marly Construction, Inc.9/26/2019 $553,600
45725-P Attica CF D.V. Brown & Associates, Inc.9/25/2019 $1,314,000
45913-C Camp Smith Training Site Vinco Builders, LLC9/24/2019 $1,108,900
45913-E Camp Smith Training Site Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.9/24/2019 $622,222
45913-H Camp Smith Training Site Grundman Mechanical Systems Inc9/24/2019 $1,011,650
45913-P Camp Smith Training Site Grundman Mechanical Systems Inc9/24/2019 $145,885
46012-E DMNA Headquarters Comalli Group, Inc.9/23/2019 $1,421,100
45733-C Lockport Armory Burgio & Campofelice, Inc.9/20/2019 $1,355,565
45730-C Horseheads Armory Alvion Group, Inc.9/19/2019 $1,279,300
45737-C Ogdensburg Armory Alvion Group, Inc.9/17/2019 $1,576,400
46013-E Camp Smith Training Site Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.9/17/2019 $721,111
45731-C Ithaca Armory Kascon LLC9/16/2019 $1,182,800
44727-C Edgecombe CF Senco Metals Llc9/13/2019 $2,931,400
45625-C New York City Children’s Center - Queens Campus Anjac Enterprises, Inc.9/11/2019 $707,000
45734-C Auburn Armory Apex Development Incorporated9/11/2019 $1,175,127
Q1744-C Creedmoor PC Icon Contracting Group Inc9/11/2019 $758,100
Q1792-C NYS Preparedness Training Center Upstate Companies I, LLC9/9/2019 $594,400
45744-C Walton Armory Apex Development Incorporated9/6/2019 $1,402,982
45483-C Kingsboro PC Arista Contracting Inc9/5/2019 $2,885,550
45570-E Cook Chill Production Center Fanshawe, Inc. d/b/a Rockland Electric9/5/2019 $158,600
45570-H Cook Chill Production Center Bayside Refrigeration Inc.9/5/2019 $1,285,555
45436-C SUNY Downstate MC M & J Electrical Contractors Corp.8/30/2019 $1,964,000
45692-C Utica State OB Patterson - Stevens, Inc.8/29/2019 $2,674,262
45692-E Utica State OB JR. & J Electric LLC8/29/2019 $345,793
45692-H Utica State OB Emil H. Streeter dba Leatherstocking Professional Services8/29/2019 $319,438
45738-C Olean Armory Metals Treatment Technologies, LLC8/28/2019 $1,446,100
45806-C Brentwood RC A PETER LUGER CONSTRUCTION INC8/27/2019 $1,198,348
46035-C Camp Smith Training Site Arold Construction Co., Inc.8/23/2019 $672,980
45908-C Region 7 Peru, Bear Swamp Branon Construction Co., Inc.8/20/2019 $923,800
45908-E Region 7 Peru, Bear Swamp Weydman Electric, Inc.8/20/2019 $58,190
45656-E Kingston Armory Dow Electric, Inc.8/15/2019 $535,600
45656-H Kingston Armory S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/15/2019 $335,300
45281-C Broome County Lupini Construction, Inc.8/15/2019 $996,115
45380-C Highland RC Shivam Contracting, Inc8/13/2019 $1,521,000
45380-E Highland RC Foremost Electric Corporation8/13/2019 $103,400
45288-C MacCormick SC Massa Construction, Inc.8/12/2019 $2,274,800
44798-C S Chisholm State OB J & N Construction Group Corp.8/9/2019 $28,850,000
45448-C State OB Campus Kingsley Arms, Inc.8/9/2019 $4,121,000
45448-E State OB Campus DLC Electric LLC8/9/2019 $918,000
45448-H State OB Campus John W. Danforth Company8/9/2019 $15,500
45448-P State OB Campus John W. Danforth Company8/9/2019 $60,000
44668-C Auburn CF R. DeVincentis Construction, Inc.8/2/2019 $1,433,300
44668-E Auburn CF J & E Electric, Inc.8/2/2019 $595,775
44668-P Auburn CF Siracusa Mechanical, Inc.8/2/2019 $3,220,904
45276-C Utica State OB Ajay Glass & Mirror Co., Inc.8/1/2019 $5,950,000
M3089-C Green Haven CF Maximum Security Products Corp.8/1/2019 $3,803,000
45971-C Hampton Plaza IBS Enterprises, Inc.8/1/2019 $683,948
45874-C Region 7 Harrisville Adirondack Valley Builders Inc.7/31/2019 $358,700
45822-C Creedmoor PC Gryphon Construction Inc.7/30/2019 $391,640
45336-C Long Pond Dam, McDonough Smith Site Development, LLC7/30/2019 $952,180
45288-E MacCormick SC Matco Electric Corporation7/26/2019 $150,000
45288-H MacCormick SC Wilkins Mechanical, Inc.7/26/2019 $469,000
45288-P MacCormick SC Brosh Mechanical, Inc.7/26/2019 $837,800
45778-C GNARESP Cultural Ed Ctr PCC Contracting Inc.7/26/2019 $544,000
45242-C Binghamton State OB Forno Enterprises, Inc.7/19/2019 $6,835,000
45655-E Buffalo Armory, Masten O'Connell Electric Company7/19/2019 $466,175
45988-C 625 Broadway Lupini Construction, Inc.7/18/2019 $3,647,550
45988-E 625 Broadway Stilsing Electric, Inc.7/18/2019 $134,168
45988-T 625 Broadway Marfi Contracting Corp.7/18/2019 $5,900,300
45949-C DOL Building, Hicksville Titan Roofing, Inc.7/16/2019 $438,700
45462-C Various Locations - Region 9 CFI Contracting Inc7/16/2019 $1,546,600

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