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Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 10/21/2018 to 1/21/2019

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45759-C Region 8 Port Jervis Park Lane Construction & Development Corp.1/18/2019 $318,625
45620-C Convention Center Hoosick Valley Contractors Inc.1/7/2019 $124,300
45620-E Convention Center DLC Electric LLC1/7/2019 $1,123,300
45962-P Service Contract Southeast Mechanical Corp.12/31/2018 $750,000
45341-E Sagamore CPC JVR Electric, Inc.12/10/2018 $139,330
45341-H Sagamore CPC EMCOR SERVICES NEW YORK NEW JERSEY INC12/10/2018 $928,808
45389-C Mohawk CF S & L Roofing & Sheetmetal, Inc.12/6/2018 $2,360,900
45389-E Mohawk CF Weydman Electric, Inc.12/6/2018 $165,245
44967-C Green Haven CF American Jail Products, LLC12/5/2018 $2,827,960
44967-E Green Haven CF Hudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.12/5/2018 $377,777
44967-P Green Haven CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.12/5/2018 $723,950
44868-C Albany Training Academy Sano-Rubin Construction Services, LLC12/4/2018 $39,400,000
44966-C Rockland PC Monpat Construction Inc.12/3/2018 $14,886,000
45768-C Region 10, Freeport G.T.S. Construction Corp.11/29/2018 $467,000
45639-B GNARESP Corning Tower Alvion Group, Inc.11/28/2018 $2,445,454
Q1757-C Walton Armory Boland's Excavating & Topsoil11/20/2018 $736,000
Q1757-E Walton Armory NELCORP Electrical Contracting Corp.11/20/2018 $216,900
45750-C Region 10 Central Islip Arista Contracting Inc11/13/2018 $1,321,085
45687-E State OB Campus M. Scher & Son Inc.11/9/2018 $183,700
45687-H State OB Campus DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.11/9/2018 $2,962,962
45693-C Utica State OB Lupini Construction, Inc.11/6/2018 $402,800
45579-C Camp Smith Training Site Standard Demolition Services, Inc.10/23/2018 $895,330

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