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Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Contracts Awarded
From 7/22/2018 to 10/22/2018

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Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
45255-C Creedmoor PC Gryphon Construction Inc.10/18/2018 $2,994,500
45255-E Creedmoor PC Polaris Electrical Construction Corp.10/18/2018 $467,920
45255-H Creedmoor PC Amh Mechanical Contracting Inc.10/18/2018 $398,000
45255-P Creedmoor PC Leviathan Mechanical Corp.10/18/2018 $1,590,800
45198-C Greater Binghamton HC Daniel J. Lynch, Inc.10/15/2018 $997,000
45198-E Greater Binghamton HC Matco Electric Corporation10/15/2018 $183,500
45198-H Greater Binghamton HC J & K Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc.10/15/2018 $145,400
45198-P Greater Binghamton HC J & K Plumbing and Heating Co., Inc.10/15/2018 $508,000
45360-E Brookwood SC O'Connell Electric Company10/11/2018 $1,944,000
45510-E Mohawk Valley PC Stilsing Electric, Inc.10/11/2018 $88,938
45542-C Five Points CF P.S. Bruckel, Inc.10/11/2018 $1,576,200
45542-E Five Points CF O'Connell Electric Company10/11/2018 $165,075
M3088-E Central NY PC Bagnall Electric, Inc.10/1/2018 $76,150
M3088-H Central NY PC H.J. Brandeles Corp.10/1/2018 $654,000
Q1739-C Manhattan PC Allstate Enterprises Inc9/27/2018 $104,900
M3082-C Downstate CF CFI Contracting Inc9/27/2018 $1,023,814
M3082-H Downstate CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.9/27/2018 $79,726
Q1742-C Staten Island Armory NBA Construction Incorporated9/26/2018 $243,000
45758-C Region 8 Martindale General Roofing Contractors, LLC9/25/2018 $287,000
45616-C Rochester Armory, Patriot Steve General Contractor, Inc.9/24/2018 $2,281,615
45746-C Geneva Armory Alvion Group, Inc.9/24/2018 $1,455,552
45608-C Buffalo Armory H & K Services, Inc.9/24/2018 $8,926,600
45614-C Syracuse Armory, Thompson Jupiter Environmental Serv., Inc.9/20/2018 $1,791,306
45536-C Jamaica Armory Marfi Contracting Corp.9/11/2018 $1,993,300
Q1747-C Latham AASF Gallo Construction Corp.9/11/2018 $337,652
Q1747-E Latham AASF Comalli Group, Inc.9/11/2018 $88,000
Q1747-H Latham AASF Postler & Jaeckle Corp.9/11/2018 $778,000
Q1766-C NYC Armory, 5th Ave Apex Development Incorporated9/10/2018 $2,235,000
45558-C Camp Smith Training Site Prince Contracting & Development Inc9/7/2018 $480,000
45558-E Camp Smith Training Site Global Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.9/7/2018 $206,800
45558-H Camp Smith Training Site Southeast Mechanical Corp.9/7/2018 $321,800
45558-P Camp Smith Training Site Southeast Plumbing Corp.9/7/2018 $189,754
45311-C Academy of Fire Science Streeter Associates, Inc.9/7/2018 $3,330,700
45311-E Academy of Fire Science Schuler-Haas Electric Corp.9/7/2018 $418,000
45311-H Academy of Fire Science HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.9/7/2018 $626,000
45311-P Academy of Fire Science HMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.9/7/2018 $316,300
45403-C Rochester AASF New Britain Roofing Co., Inc.9/5/2018 $351,800
45403-H Rochester AASF John W. Danforth Company9/5/2018 $298,000
45829-C Troy Armory, Glenmore Rd Duncan And Cahill, Inc.9/5/2018 $214,600
45829-E Troy Armory, Glenmore Rd J McBain, Inc.9/5/2018 $489,675
45829-H Troy Armory, Glenmore Rd Family Danz Mechanical LLC9/5/2018 $100,300
45460-E Brookwood Secure Brownell Electric Corp.8/29/2018 $123,300
45460-H Brookwood Secure DiGesare Mechanical, Inc.8/29/2018 $1,251,251
Q1760-C New York City Childrenís Center - Queens Campus Tbo Sitescapes,Inc8/28/2018 $491,312
Q1749-E Staten Island CSM B Global Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.8/27/2018 $259,600
45615-C Leeds Armory Alvion Group, Inc.8/27/2018 $1,283,346
45107-C Perry B. Duryea State OB Marfi Contracting Corp.8/24/2018 $580,300
Q1720-C Buffalo Armory, Masten Jameson Roofing Co., Inc.8/24/2018 $439,672
45527-C Great Meadow CF Maximum Security Products Corp.8/22/2018 $484,700
45172-C Livingston CF New Britain Roofing Co., Inc.8/21/2018 $5,500,777
45569-C State OB Campus Bunkoff General Contractors, Inc.8/21/2018 $1,492,000
45569-E State OB Campus Spring Electric, Inc.8/21/2018 $56,780
45563-C Various DEC- Solid Waste Locations Carver Construction, Inc.8/16/2018 $4,674,450
Q1755-C Auburn CF R. DeVincentis Construction, Inc.8/15/2018 $1,633,000
45140-C Sing Sing CF Nurzia Construction Corporation8/13/2018 $8,097,044
45140-E Sing Sing CF RLJ Electric Corporation8/13/2018 $669,000
45140-H Sing Sing CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/13/2018 $1,024,500
45140-P Sing Sing CF S & O Construction Services, Inc.8/13/2018 $199,425
45817-C Region 9 Deposit Dome Corp. of North America7/25/2018 $435,840
45817-E Region 9 Deposit Panko Electrical & Maintenance, Inc.7/25/2018 $19,900

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Last Updated:10/22/18