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Emergency Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Emergency Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Emergency Contracts Awarded
From May 16, 2018 to August 16, 2018
Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
ED550-PManhattan PCBoris Mechanical, Inc.07/20/18$223,700
ED758-PSing Sing CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.06/15/18$200,000
ED770-VGreene CFDLC Electric LLC05/23/18$125,000
ED772-ECamp Smith Training SiteLerco Electric LLC06/04/18$100,000
ED774-CPilgrim PCK.O. Technologies, Inc.06/13/18$100,000
ED778-CSing Sing CFF.C. & C. Constr. Enterprises, Inc.06/04/18$300,000
ED785-VClinton CFUpstate Line & Signal Construction, Inc.05/30/18$200,000
ED786-CWard ATCGrant Street Construction, Inc.07/20/18$75,000
ED788-PEdgecombe CFBoris Mechanical, Inc.05/30/18$100,000
ED789-ERegion 6 Kanona, RAConnors-Haas, Inc.06/26/18$200,000
ED792-CTaconic DDSO,Cold SpringsNurzia Construction Corporation06/06/18$300,000
ED796-AManhattan PC192 Branch Interior Services, Inc. dba Branch Services, Inc.05/30/18$300,000
ED797-AUtica ArmoryAtlantic Contracting & Specialties, LLC06/14/18$300,000
ED798-GSt. Albans Veterans HomeGround Control Excavating, Inc.06/25/18$300,000
ED799-CCentral NY PCUpstate Companies I, LLC06/20/18$75,000
ED800-TCapital District PCMid-State Industries, Ltd.05/23/18$300,000
ED801-PDelhi SUATCGrant Street Construction, Inc.06/20/18$250,000
ED802-CWhitestone ArmoryAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.06/13/18$100,000
ED803-HSullivan CFSK Construction and Mechanical, LLC08/14/18$300,000
ED804-GOgdensburg CFReale Const. Co., Inc.06/20/18$200,000
ED805-EGreen Haven CFVinton Construction Corp.06/04/18$100,000
ED806-PRockland PCGerard's Plumbing & Heating Corp.06/14/18$75,000
ED807-CBedford Hills CFAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.06/11/18$300,000
ED808-CDownstate CFSharan Builders, Inc.06/26/18$150,000
ED809-AGroveland CFNRC NY Environmental Services Inc06/11/18$300,000
ED810-AGroveland CFNRC NY Environmental Services Inc06/11/18$600,000
ED811-HMohawk CFSure Temp Co., Inc.07/06/18$100,000
ED812-EWashington CFLacorte Companies, Inc.07/09/18$150,000
ED814-GStaten Island DDSO, WillowbrookG & M Mechanical, Inc.06/14/18$150,000
ED816-GElmira PCKircher Construction, Inc.07/09/18$100,000
ED817-GRockland PCBen Ciccone, Inc.06/14/18$75,000
ED818-GGreat Meadow CFReale Const. Co., Inc.07/09/18$200,000
ED821-TClinton CFMid-State Industries, Ltd.07/11/18$200,000
ED822-HMohawk CFE.W. Tompkins Company, Inc.07/09/18$100,000
ED823-HTaconic CFSK Construction and Mechanical, LLC08/14/18$300,000
ED824-AAcademy of Fire ScienceNRC NY Environmental Services Inc06/14/18$100,000
ED825-GMid Hudson PCBen Ciccone, Inc.06/14/18$100,000
ED826-PWashington CFEckert Mechanical, LLC07/06/18$100,000
ED827-TFishkill CFAktor Corporation07/10/18$600,000
ED828-GFishkill CFSun Up Enterprises, Inc.06/26/18$600,000
ED829-CFishkill CFAktor Corporation07/09/18$300,000
ED830-GElmira CFC.P. Ward, Inc.07/05/18$200,000
ED831-PAuburn CFSiracusa Mechanical, Inc.07/05/18$150,000
ED832-ACapital District PCThe Stalwart Development Group LLC07/09/18$100,000
ED833-PDownstate CFSoutheast Mechanical Corp.07/05/18$150,000
ED835-HSing Sing CFEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.07/30/18$300,000
ED836-GShawangunk CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.08/01/18$300,000
ED837-TOtisville CFHart Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.07/09/18$75,000
ED838-CDownstate CFJTS Construction of Dutchess, Inc.07/09/18$200,000
ED840-CNew York PIVinton Construction Corp.07/30/18$100,000
ED841-PIndustry CampusCrosby-Brownlie, Inc.08/01/18$300,000
ED847-GRockland PCSun Up Enterprises, Inc.07/30/18$75,000
ED850-CCollins CFH & K Services, Inc.07/31/18$300,000
ED851-PNew York City Children’s Center - Brooklyn CampusVinton Construction Corp.07/20/18$20,000
ED854-AWende CFTwo Brothers Contracting, Inc.07/30/18$600,000

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