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Emergency Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Emergency Contracts Awarded
Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Emergency Contracts Awarded
From January 18, 2021 to April 18, 2021
Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
EE444-TCoxsackie CFTitan Roofing, Inc.01/22/21$150,000
EE461-GBare Hill CFContinental Construction, LLC01/22/21$125,000
EE472-GGreene CFSun Up Construction Corp02/05/21$200,000
EE481-HAltona CFPipeline Mechanical of Plattsburgh LLC01/21/21$100,000
EE482-HSing Sing CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.01/22/21$300,000
EE485-VOrient Beach SPHinck Electrical Contractor, Inc.01/29/21$300,000
EE486-GEastern CFKingsley Arms, Inc.01/22/21$200,000
EE487-HState OB CampusDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.01/22/21$100,000
EE488-VClinton CFWilliam J. Murray, Inc.02/04/21$150,000
EE489-GUpstate CFContinental Construction, LLC01/22/21$200,000
EE490-TTaconic CFTitan Roofing, Inc.02/04/21$150,000
EE491-GBernard Fineson DDSOAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.02/11/21$200,000
EE492-VManhattan PCGlobal Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.01/29/21$300,000
EE493-GDownstate CFBen Ciccone, Inc.01/29/21$150,000
EE494-HDownstate CFEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.01/28/21$300,000
EE497-GWillard Drug Treatment CenterKircher Construction, Inc.02/04/21$100,000
EE498-GWende CFMichael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.01/28/21$300,000
EE499-HWoodbourne CFTroy Boiler Works Inc.01/28/21$300,000
EE500-GLockport ArmoryPinto Construction Svcs., Inc.01/29/21$300,000
EE501-CNew York PIG & M Mechanical, Inc.02/05/21$150,000
EE502-GRockland PCGround Control Excavating, Inc.02/05/21$300,000
EE504-CGreater Binghamton HCVacri Construction Corp.02/11/21$300,000
EE505-VPilgrim PCHinck Electrical Contractor, Inc.02/17/21$300,000
EE506-PGreene CFE.W. Tompkins Company, Inc.02/11/21$750,000
EE507-ERockland PCFanshawe, Inc. d/b/a Rockland Electric02/11/21$300,000
EE507-GRockland PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.02/11/21$300,000
EE508-HAlbany Training AcademyTrojan Energy Systems, Inc.04/15/21$75,000
EE510-HGreen Haven CFTroy Boiler Works Inc.02/11/21$600,000
EE511-ERiverview CFPanko Electrical & Maintenance, Inc.02/12/21$200,000
EE512-GWashington CFATR Contracting and Supplies Inc02/12/21$150,000
EE513-AAcademy of Fire ScienceAtlantic Contracting & Specialties, LLC02/11/21$300,000
EE514-ECreedmoor PCM. Scher & Son Inc.02/17/21$300,000
EE515-HOriskany FacilityDavis Mechanical Service, Inc.02/16/21$75,000
EE516-PBronx PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.02/16/21$250,000
EE517-GKingsboro PCNY Asphalt Inc.04/16/21$200,000
EE518-HFishkill CFC.B. Strain, A Division of DynamicSystems, Inc.02/25/21$300,000
EE519-PManhattan PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.02/12/21$150,000
EE520-VHomer Folks FacilityStilsing Electric, Inc.02/25/21$300,000
EE522-HGreater Binghamton HCTroy Boiler Works Inc.02/25/21$150,000
EE523-VWende CFO'Connell Electric Company02/24/21$300,000
EE526-VHutchings PCConnors-Haas, Inc.04/16/21$75,000
EE534-APier 76Green Island Group Corp.03/25/21$1,500,000
EE535-CPier 76J-Cole Construction Co., Inc.03/25/21$1,500,000
EE544-HCapital District PCPostler & Jaeckle Corp.04/15/21$300,000
EE547-GManhattan PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.04/15/21$300,000

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