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Emergency Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Emergency Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Emergency Contracts Awarded
From July 22, 2018 to October 22, 2018
Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
ED784-CKingsboro ATCANR Construction & Mgmt Corp08/20/18$200,000
ED793-CWhitestone ArmoryANR Construction & Mgmt Corp08/20/18$300,000
ED803-HSullivan CFSK Construction and Mechanical, LLC08/14/18$300,000
ED815-CCentral NY DDSO, Hostel 11563LeChase Const. Svcs., LLC d/b/a LeChase Construction08/23/18$100,000
ED819-TWest Seneca DDSOJos. A. Sanders & Sons, Inc.08/23/18$300,000
ED823-HTaconic CFSK Construction and Mechanical, LLC08/14/18$300,000
ED834-CDownstate Medical CtrZaman Construction Corp.08/30/18$300,000
ED835-HSing Sing CFEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.07/30/18$300,000
ED836-GShawangunk CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.08/01/18$300,000
ED839-HNew York PIG & M Mechanical, Inc.10/10/18$239,300
ED840-CNew York PIVinton Construction Corp.07/30/18$100,000
ED841-PIndustry CampusCrosby-Brownlie, Inc.08/01/18$300,000
ED843-HCamp Smith Training SiteSK Construction and Mechanical, LLC10/01/18$487,999
ED844-HSing Sing CFC.B. Strain, A Division of DynamicSystems, Inc.08/24/18$300,000
ED845-HMid State CFTroy Boiler Works Inc.08/23/18$75,000
ED846-VNissequogue RiverSPDelcon Systems, Inc.09/07/18$300,000
ED847-GRockland PCSun Up Enterprises, Inc.07/30/18$75,000
ED848-CWildwood SPANR Construction & Mgmt Corp08/31/18$200,000
ED849-BWildwood SPGround Control Excavating, Inc.08/30/18$100,000
ED850-CCollins CFH & K Services, Inc.07/31/18$300,000
ED852-GAuburn CFMichael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.08/27/18$300,000
ED854-AWende CFTwo Brothers Contracting, Inc.07/30/18$600,000
ED855-CSing Sing CFSun Up Enterprises, Inc.08/23/18$200,000
ED856-GKingsboro PCNY Asphalt Inc.09/05/18$300,000
ED857-CEdgecombe CFSharan Builders, Inc.09/10/18$600,000
ED859-HBernard Fineson DDSOCrescent Contracting Corp.09/25/18$200,000
ED860-CMid State CFGrant Street Construction, Inc.08/23/18$600,000
ED861-CMid State CFGrant Street Construction, Inc.08/24/18$600,000
ED862-ECentral NY PCBagnall Electric, Inc.09/04/18$250,000
ED863-VMt McGregor CFKasselman Electric Co., Inc.09/24/18$150,000
ED864-HSing Sing CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.10/02/18$300,000
ED865-HNew York City Children’s Center - Brooklyn CampusVinton Construction Corp.08/23/18$100,000
ED866-GNYS FairgroundsC.P. Ward, Inc.10/04/18$300,000
ED867-GClinton CFReale Const. Co., Inc.09/05/18$150,000
ED868-ACentral NY PCTwo Brothers Contracting, Inc.09/21/18$100,000
ED869-AGroveland CFNRC NY Environmental Services Inc09/18/18$600,000
ED870-AGroveland CFNRC NY Environmental Services Inc09/18/18$600,000
ED871-AGroveland CFNRC NY Environmental Services Inc09/25/18$300,000
ED873-HDownstate CFEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.09/25/18$100,000
ED874-HCoxsackie CFDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.09/13/18$300,000
ED875-TAuburn CFDiamond Roofing Co., Inc.10/09/18$300,000
ED876-TElmira CFA.W. Farrell & Son, Inc.09/05/18$300,000
ED877-VSunmount DDSOUpstate Line & Signal Construction, Inc.09/25/18$200,000
ED878-GHelen Hayes HospitalJorrey Excavating, Inc.10/10/18$150,000
ED879-VWest Seneca DDSOIndustrial Power & Lighting Corp.10/05/18$600,000
ED880-ACapital District DDSO, CastletonThe Stalwart Development Group LLC10/09/18$150,000
ED882-HHutchings PCPostler & Jaeckle Corp.10/04/18$150,000
ED883-HCook Chill Production CenterC.B. Strain, A Division of DynamicSystems, Inc.09/07/18$300,000
ED885-CBedford Hills CFAlliance Tri-State Construction, Inc.09/07/18$300,000
ED886-CGreater Binghamton HCWilkins Mechanical, Inc.09/18/18$125,000
ED887-HPilgrim PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.09/14/18$300,000
ED888-VWende CFMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.09/13/18$300,000
ED889-TRochester Armory, HenriettaElmer W. Davis, Inc.09/25/18$300,000
ED890-BFinger Lakes DDSO, Newark DC Westfall RdJAG Environmental, LLC10/02/18$300,000
ED892-VHutchings PCO'Connell Electric Company10/02/18$300,000
ED893-GGeneseo SUCC.P. Ward, Inc.09/26/18$300,000
ED894-VRockland PC, MiddletownMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.10/11/18$200,000
ED895-VState OB CampusO'Connell Electric Company10/05/18$200,000
ED897-HHutchings PCSiracusa Mechanical, Inc.10/05/18$150,000
ED898-PGreat Meadow CFDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.10/02/18$250,000
ED899-CCapital District Psychiatric Center, Union StMPC Construction Services LLC10/04/18$300,000
ED900-VSullivan CFHudson Valley Electrical, Construction & Maintenance, Inc.10/05/18$200,000
ED901-VNew York City Children’s Center - Queens CampusGlobal Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.10/10/18$300,000
ED902-GGowanda CFPinto Construction Svcs., Inc.10/04/18$300,000
ED903-GLakeview CFC.P. Ward, Inc.10/05/18$300,000
ED904-ACreedmoor ATCGreen Island Group Corp.10/19/18$200,000
ED905-CAuburn CFMassa Construction, Inc.10/11/18$150,000
ED907-CGNARESPStephen Miller General Contractors, Inc.10/09/18$75,000
ED908-HKingsboro PCEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.10/10/18$200,000
ED910-TAttica CFJos. A. Sanders & Sons, Inc.10/10/18$300,000
ED911-CDownstate CFOCS Industries, Inc.10/02/18$300,000
ED912-HCoxsackie CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.10/11/18$200,000
ED913-GGreen Haven CFKingsley Arms, Inc.10/09/18$100,000
ED914-HWoodbourne CFDutchess Mechanical, Inc.10/04/18$300,000
ED915-AHudson Valley DDSO, CampusGreen Island Group Corp.10/09/18$300,000
ED918-GRockland PCSun Up Enterprises, Inc.10/11/18$75,000
ED919-PHudson River PCDutchess Mechanical, Inc.10/04/18$100,000
ED920-GUpstate CFContinental Construction, LLC10/16/18$300,000

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