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Emergency Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Emergency Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Emergency Contracts Awarded
From August 24, 2017 to November 24, 2017
Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
ED533-TBedford Hills CFHart Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.08/28/17$300,000
ED538-PCentral NY PCEckert Mechanical, LLC09/08/17$75,000
ED541-GHelen Hayes HospitalPapitto Construction Co., Inc.09/05/17$100,000
ED544-GConnetquot River Presv SPGround Control Excavating, Inc.10/10/17$350,000
ED546-BHarriet Tubman RCOp-Tech Environmental Services dba NRC NY Environmental Ser11/10/17$300,000
ED547-AIndustry CampusTwo Brothers Contracting, Inc.08/28/17$600,000
ED551-AGreen Haven CFAktor Corporation08/28/17$600,000
ED552-AGreen Haven CFAktor Corporation08/28/17$600,000
ED554-TGreat Meadow CFTitan Roofing, Inc.08/28/17$450,000
ED556-HQueensboro CFVinton Construction Corp.08/29/17$300,000
ED557-ACamp SmithPAL Environmental Safety Corp.09/19/17$200,000
ED558-CStaten Island DDSO, Austin AveZaman Construction Corp.09/07/17$100,000
ED559-AMid Hudson PCEast Coast Haz Mat Removal, Inc.09/08/17$100,000
ED560-CIndustry Secure CenterKircher Construction, Inc.08/25/17$600,000
ED561-PEdgecombe CFBoris Mechanical, Inc.09/15/17$100,000
ED562-GKingsboro PCVinton Construction Corp.09/07/17$300,000
ED563-CAdirondack CFMPC Construction Services LLC09/08/17$200,000
ED564-GHither Hills SPG & M Mechanical, Inc.09/08/17$400,000
ED565-HFishkill CFC.B. Strain, A Division of DynamicSystems, Inc.09/05/17$100,000
ED566-HClinton CFL.H. LaPlante Company, Inc.09/12/17$150,000
ED567-GEastern CFDutchess Mechanical, Inc.09/26/17$400,000
ED568-GBronx PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.09/08/17$150,000
ED569-TBayview CFEchostar Construction, Inc.09/06/17$100,000
ED570-PAlbany Training AcademyEckert Mechanical, LLC09/08/17$75,000
ED571-GOtisville CFKingsley Arms, Inc.09/08/17$100,000
ED572-CCreedmoor PCSharan Builders, Inc.09/18/17$300,000
ED573-ECreedmoor PCReliant Electrical Contracting Inc09/29/17$200,000
ED574-HCreedmoor PCEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.09/07/17$300,000
ED575-HJones Beach SPThomas F. Cash & Sons, Inc.09/29/17$300,000
ED576-CTaconic CFArold Construction Co., Inc.09/18/17$300,000
ED577-BValley RidgeOp-Tech Environmental Services dba NRC NY Environmental Ser09/28/17$300,000
ED578-GAlfred SUATCC.P. Ward, Inc.09/28/17$300,000
ED579-HPilgrim PCSK Construction and Mechanical, LLC09/27/17$300,000
ED580-AKingsboro PCEast Coast Haz Mat Removal, Inc.09/26/17$150,000
ED582-PCayuga CFMichael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.09/19/17$150,000
ED583-HWyoming CFK & E Fabricating Company, Inc.10/04/17$300,000
ED584-CHudson CFStephen Miller General Contractors, Inc.09/27/17$150,000
ED585-PGreen Haven CFC.B. Strain, A Division of DynamicSystems, Inc.09/18/17$300,000
ED586-CSing Sing CFSharan Builders, Inc.10/10/17$600,000
ED588-BSAS Fac, BronxPAL Environmental Safety Corp.11/03/17$150,000
ED589-HWhitestone ArmoryCrescent Contracting Corp.09/29/17$150,000
ED590-GFishkill CFSun Up Enterprises, Inc.09/29/17$100,000
ED591-VManhattan PCMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.09/27/17$300,000
ED592-TRegion 7 OgdensburgHenderson Johnson Co., Inc.10/10/17$100,000
ED593-HUpstate CFK & L Plumbing & Heating, Inc.10/10/17$200,000
ED594-HMid State CFBuilding Controls & Services, Inc.dba Smartedge10/19/17$300,000
ED595-CGreen Haven CFSharan Builders, Inc.10/10/17$150,000
ED597-TAdirondack CFPulver Roofing Co., Inc.10/26/17$75,000
ED598-HRockland PCS & O Construction Services, Inc.11/10/17$150,000
ED599-CAuburn CFBette & Cring, LLC11/03/17$450,000
ED600-GHarriet Tubman RCVacri Construction Corp.11/17/17$213,000
ED601-GCoxsackie CFJames H. Maloy, Inc.11/21/17$75,000
ED602-VFranklin CFMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.11/02/17$200,000
ED603-CGroveland CFMassa Construction, Inc.11/14/17$300,000
ED604-TGreen Haven CFTitan Roofing, Inc.11/02/17$150,000
ED605-CSAS Fac, BronxJ-Cole Construction Co., Inc.11/09/17$200,000
ED606-GSing Sing CFSun Up Enterprises, Inc.11/09/17$100,000
ED607-AKingsboro PCEast Coast Haz Mat Removal, Inc.11/02/17$80,000
ED608-GCentral NY PCWilkins Mechanical, Inc.11/14/17$75,000
ED609-GBronx PCAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.11/16/17$200,000
ED610-PGroveland CFHMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.11/10/17$300,000
ED611-GPilgrim PCThomas F. Cash & Sons, Inc.11/10/17$100,000
ED612-TMohawk Valley PCWelch Construction, Inc.11/17/17$150,000
ED614-GClinton CFWest Branch, Inc.11/16/17$200,000
ED615-GTonawanda Indian Community HousePinto Construction Svcs., Inc.11/16/17$300,000
ED617-CKingsboro PCSharan Builders, Inc.11/14/17$300,000
ED619-PMarcy CFGrant Street Construction, Inc.11/17/17$150,000
ED621-TAlbany Training AcademyS & L Roofing & Sheetmetal, Inc.11/16/17$150,000
ED622-GIndustry CampusC.P. Ward, Inc.11/21/17$300,000
ED626-GDownstate CFKingsley Arms, Inc.11/21/17$200,000

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