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Emergency Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Emergency Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Emergency Contracts Awarded
From July 16, 2019 to October 16, 2019
Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
EE013-CKingston ArmoryStephen Miller General Contractors, Inc.08/14/19$300,000
EE080-AHudson Valley DDSO, CampusAtlantic Contracting & Specialties, LLC07/23/19$300,000
EE096-GElmira CFLeChase Const. Svcs., LLC d/b/a LeChase Construction07/26/19$300,000
EE102-ERiverbank SPAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.07/26/19$300,000
EE103-GRockland PC, Hudson River CampusGround Control Excavating, Inc.07/26/19$300,000
EE104-VAttica CFMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.07/26/19$300,000
EE105-PState OB CampusDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.07/31/19$200,000
EE107-CManhattan PCKapris, Inc.08/15/19$200,000
EE108-TNew York PIAlvion Group, Inc.07/26/19$75,000
EE113-EGreen Haven CFPrestige Electric, LLC08/13/19$300,000
EE114-CNYS FairgroundsC.P. Ward, Inc.08/12/19$200,000
EE115-CNYC Armory, 5th AveSharan Builders, Inc.08/12/19$300,000
EE116-EBronx PCBana Electric Corp09/10/19$75,000
EE117-GAuburn CFHMI Mechanical Systems, Inc.08/29/19$200,000
EE119-GFishkill CFCFI Contracting Inc08/12/19$300,000
EE120-HGreen Haven CFSK Construction and Mechanical, LLC09/12/19$300,000
EE121-GSandy Island Beach SPC.P. Ward, Inc.09/26/19$600,000
EE122-PSouth Beach PCGerard's Plumbing & Heating Corp.08/19/19$150,000
EE123-HNew York City Children’s Center - Queens CampusEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.09/11/19$300,000
EE124-AAuburn CFThe Stalwart Development Group LLC10/09/19$611,786
EE125-HCentral NY PCDavis Mechanical Service, Inc.09/10/19$100,000
EE126-HMid State CFPostler & Jaeckle Corp.09/10/19$150,000
EE127-HMohawk CFTroy Boiler Works Inc.09/09/19$75,000
EE128-PRochester PCMichael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.08/13/19$100,000
EE129-PRiverview CFGrant Street Construction, Inc.08/19/19$300,000
EE130-VUpstate CFMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.09/09/19$100,000
EE131-GTaconic CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.08/20/19$300,000
EE132-VSunken Meadow SPHinck Electrical Contractor, Inc.09/26/19$300,000
EE133-VSing Sing CFD & M Electrical Contracting Inc.09/11/19$300,000
EE134-LClinton CFReliance Fence Company, Inc.09/27/19$250,000
EE135-ESagamore CPCPolaris Electrical Construction Corp.10/03/19$300,000
EE136-HCoxsackie CFPostler & Jaeckle Corp.09/25/19$332,000
EE139-HFishkill CFEmpire Mechanical Services Inc.08/29/19$300,000
EE140-ARockland PCAlvion Group, Inc.10/03/19$300,000
EE141-ESt. Albans Veterans HomeCOMMERCE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.10/02/19$100,000
EE143-PEdgecombe CFAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.09/27/19$150,000
EE144-VCamp SmithMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.10/02/19$200,000
EE145-GMohawk CFLeChase Const. Svcs., LLC d/b/a LeChase Construction10/03/19$100,000
EE146-HNew York PIThomas F. Cash & Sons, Inc.09/23/19$75,000
EE147-HPilgrim PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.09/23/19$300,000
EE148-ENew York City Children’s Center - Brooklyn CampusCOMMERCE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING CORP.10/03/19$300,000
EE149-GCollins CFH & K Services, Inc.10/03/19$300,000
EE150-GCentral NY PCMPC Construction Services LLC09/24/19$150,000
EE151-TMohawk Valley PCWelch Construction, Inc.09/24/19$75,000
EE152-GMohawk Valley PCLeChase Const. Svcs., LLC d/b/a LeChase Construction09/23/19$75,000
EE153-CTaconic CFCon-Tech Construction Technology Inc.10/03/19$300,000
EE154-GAcademy of Fire ScienceVacri Construction Corp.09/25/19$300,000
EE155-GBlock 5825 Lot 1580 ParcelGround Control Excavating, Inc.09/26/19$600,000
EE156-HOgdensburg CFSkelly Contractors, Inc.10/11/19$300,000
EE157-ACentral NY PCAtlantic Contracting & Specialties, LLC10/11/19$75,000
EE159-PGreen Haven CFDutchess Mechanical, Inc.09/11/19$100,000
EE160-LBedford Hills CFRommel Fence, LLC10/11/19$300,000
EE161-GManhattan PCFGI Corporation10/08/19$150,000
EE162-EWillard Drug Treatment CenterM. Scher & Son Inc.10/11/19$200,000
EE163-CMid Hudson PCArold Construction Co., Inc.10/08/19$65,900
EE166-EState OB CampusM. Scher & Son Inc.10/02/19$75,000
EE167-PDownstate CFSoutheast Mechanical Corp.10/03/19$300,000
EE169-HRegion 9 OneontaPostler & Jaeckle Corp.10/11/19$300,000
EE170-PNew York PIGerard's Plumbing & Heating Corp.10/11/19$75,000
EE171-VRiverview CFS & L Electric, Inc.10/11/19$300,000
EE172-PGreen Haven CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.10/10/19$150,000
EE175-VState OB CampusStilsing Electric, Inc.10/10/19$300,000

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