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Emergency Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Emergency Contracts Awarded

Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Emergency Contracts Awarded
From January 20, 2019 to April 20, 2019
Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
ED948-HDavid Axelrod InstituteDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.01/31/19$600,000
ED949-HDavid Axelrod InstituteDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.01/31/19$600,000
ED950-HDavid Axelrod InstituteDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.01/31/19$221,100
ED958-AHudson Valley DDSO, CampusGreen Island Group Corp.02/01/19$200,000
ED968-TEdgecombe CFEchostar Construction, Inc.01/22/19$75,000
ED970-HNathan Kline RIS & O Construction Services, Inc.02/07/19$75,000
ED973-GAlfred SUATCKircher Construction, Inc.01/22/19$300,000
ED975-ECentral NY PCScriba Electric, Inc.02/22/19$75,000
ED977-BKingsboro PCAventura Construction Corp.02/01/19$100,000
ED983-CCK Post ATCZaman Construction Corp.02/14/19$300,000
ED984-CKingsboro PCSkyline Industries LLC03/13/19$50,000
ED985-GAttica CFKandey Company, Inc.01/24/19$300,000
ED987-GSing Sing CFGround Control Excavating, Inc.02/07/19$300,000
ED989-PBronx PCAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.02/28/19$150,000
ED993-GRockland PCJorrey Excavating, Inc.02/13/19$100,000
ED994-HFishkill CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.01/22/19$300,000
ED995-GGreater Binghamton HCLeChase Const. Svcs., LLC d/b/a LeChase Construction02/28/19$200,000
ED996-HWillard Drug Treatment CenterCrosby-Brownlie, Inc.02/28/19$300,000
ED997-ENew York City Children’s Center - Queens CampusGlobal Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc.01/24/19$300,000
ED998-GLakeview CFKandey Company, Inc.01/24/19$300,000
EE001-TOtisville CFHart Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.01/24/19$150,000
EE002-GRegion 6 Hornell SCFWilkins Mechanical, Inc.02/08/19$300,000
EE003-PEdgecombe CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.01/22/19$200,000
EE005-HWallkill CFTroy Boiler Works Inc.02/28/19$300,000
EE006-HWoodbourne CFTroy Boiler Works Inc.02/14/19$300,000
EE007-GClinton CFSteven E. Fuller Excavating, Inc.02/07/19$200,000
EE009-GGreen Haven CFDutchess Mechanical, Inc.02/07/19$150,000
EE010-TWhitestone ArmoryNew Style Contractors, Inc.04/19/19$100,000
EE011-CMargaret A Stutzman ATCIroquois Bar Corp. d/b/a Oneida Trucking03/05/19$150,000
EE012-CRegion 3 Various Onondaga LocationUpstate Companies I, LLC02/20/19$75,000
EE014-HAlbany Training AcademyEckert Mechanical, LLC02/25/19$150,000
EE015-GRosendale Flood WallJames H. Maloy, Inc.02/22/19$600,000
EE016-GRosendale Flood WallJames H. Maloy, Inc.02/22/19$600,000
EE017-GRosendale Flood WallJames H. Maloy, Inc.02/22/19$600,000
EE018-GRosendale Flood WallJames H. Maloy, Inc.02/22/19$600,000
EE019-VSheridan Ave Steam PlantStilsing Electric, Inc.03/14/19$600,000
EE020-VGreene CFDLC Electric LLC02/28/19$300,000
EE021-HCapital District PCDiGesare Mechanical, Inc.03/14/19$150,000
EE023-AHudson Valley DDSO, CampusAtlantic Contracting & Specialties, LLC03/14/19$300,000
EE024-TGreen Haven CFHart Roofing & Waterproofing, Inc.04/19/19$150,000
EE026-GWallkill CFGrant Street Construction, Inc.03/14/19$300,000
EE027-HClinton CFPipeline Mechanical of Plattsburgh LLC02/28/19$150,000
EE028-GWatertown CFCon Tech Building Systems, Inc.03/14/19$200,000
EE029-PWallkill CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.03/13/19$300,000
EE030-EClinton AnnexDLC Electric LLC03/14/19$75,000
EE031-CWestern NY DDSO, PerrysburgMassa Construction, Inc.03/14/19$300,000
EE032-COD Heck DCKingsley Arms, Inc.03/14/19$100,000
EE033-GRockland PCGround Control Excavating, Inc.03/22/19$300,000
EE034-CIndustry Secure CenterThe L.C. Whitford Co., Inc.03/14/19$300,000
EE035-UMid Hudson PCAutomated Elevator Systems Llc03/21/19$300,000
EE036-GSing Sing CFSun Up Enterprises, Inc.03/21/19$150,000
EE037-VWashington CFDLC Electric LLC03/22/19$150,000
EE039-HBare Hill CFSkelly Contractors, Inc.03/20/19$250,000
EE042-PPilgrim PCThomas F. Cash & Sons, Inc.03/21/19$200,000
EE043-GSullivan CFKingsley Arms, Inc.03/22/19$300,000
EE045-PGreen Haven CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.03/21/19$200,000
EE046-CGouverneur CFBette & Cring, LLC03/21/19$275,000
EE047-GSouth Beach PCGround Control Excavating, Inc.03/20/19$200,000
EE048-TOrleans CFSTC Construction, Inc.03/26/19$200,000
EE051-ENew York State CapitolHarold R. Clune, Inc.03/21/19$100,000
EE052-VWallkill CFMohawk Valley Utility Construction Corp.03/26/19$600,000
EE053-CCK Post ATCLipsky Enterprises Inc.04/19/19$100,000
EE055-GCreedmoor PCAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.04/19/19$100,000
EE056-CKingsboro PCRockmore Contracting Corp.04/19/19$150,000

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Last Updated:04/20/19