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Emergency Contracts Awarded
Design & Construction
Emergency Contracts Awarded
Notice Pursuant to the Public Buildings Law
Section 9, Paragraph 4
Emergency Contracts Awarded
From January 1, 2020 to April 1, 2020
Contract No. FacilityContractor's NameAward DateAward Amount
EE106-EState Preparedness Training CenterBagnall Electric, Inc.02/18/20$200,000
EE181-PSing Sing CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.02/21/20$300,000
EE209-NSing Sing CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.01/08/20$300,000
EE221-GWende CFKircher Construction, Inc.01/02/20$300,000
EE222-PGreen Haven CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.01/02/20$150,000
EE225-TCreedmoor PCAlvion Group, Inc.01/02/20$300,000
EE226-AIndustry Secure CenterNRC NY Environmental Services Inc03/04/20$300,000
EE227-HWoodbourne CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.01/17/20$300,000
EE231-VMt McGregor CFStilsing Electric, Inc.01/14/20$250,000
EE232-PBrooklyn DDSO, FountainG & M Mechanical, Inc.01/14/20$150,000
EE233-EGowanda CFIndustrial Power & Lighting Corp.02/11/20$300,000
EE235-HGreen Haven CFS & O Construction Services, Inc.01/02/20$600,000
EE237-AAuburn CFTwo Brothers Contracting, Inc.01/23/20$300,000
EE239-CGroveland CFKircher Construction, Inc.01/09/20$300,000
EE240-CBrownsville Community Development CorporationGrace Industries LLC01/21/20$150,000
EE241-PCentral NY PCEckert Mechanical, LLC01/21/20$75,000
EE242-VBuffalo PCIndustrial Power & Lighting Corp.01/02/20$300,000
EE243-VRochester PCConnors-Haas, Inc.02/04/20$300,000
EE244-ENew York PIPeter J. Catanzaro, Inc.01/21/20$300,000
EE246-ETen Eyck OBBrownell Electric Corp.01/28/20$600,000
EE247-GDownstate CFBen Ciccone, Inc.01/21/20$100,000
EE248-GMexico Point State ParkContinental Construction, LLC01/14/20$300,000
EE249-GGreat Meadow CFJat Construction Co., Inc.01/22/20$200,000
EE250-PPilgrim PCAmerican Pump & Tank Install. Co., Inc.01/21/20$300,000
EE251-EFishkill CFCDE Electric, Inc.01/23/20$300,000
EE252-HGreen Haven CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.01/22/20$300,000
EE253-HOD Heck DCCMC, Inc.-Colonie Mechanical Contractors, Inc.02/04/20$300,000
EE254-EFive Points CFConnors-Haas, Inc.02/20/20$300,000
EE255-CSullivan CFSun Up Construction Corp02/04/20$300,000
EE256-GHudson River PCGround Control Excavating, Inc.01/21/20$150,000
EE257-HSullivan CFTroy Boiler Works Inc.02/20/20$600,000
EE258-HMorrisonville ArmoryJ. Hogan Refrigeration & Mechanical Co., Inc.02/24/20$100,000
EE259-VWyoming CFSchuler-Haas Electric Corp.02/04/20$150,000
EE260-AGeneseo SUCNRC NY Environmental Services Inc02/28/20$300,000
EE261-GOtisville CFSun Up Construction Corp02/04/20$75,000
EE262-HSt Lawrence PCSkelly Contractors, Inc.01/30/20$250,000
EE263-PEdgecombe CFCrescent Contracting Corp.02/20/20$100,000
EE264-ACreedmoor PC192 Branch Interior Services, Inc. dba Branch Services, Inc.02/06/20$300,000
EE265-TMohawk Valley PCWeathermaster Roofing Co., Inc.02/28/20$75,000
EE266-GRockland PCJorrey Excavating, Inc.02/06/20$300,000
EE267-GRiverview CFContinental Construction, LLC02/06/20$150,000
EE268-AAC Powell State OBMicrotech Contracting Corp.02/06/20$200,000
EE268-CAC Powell State OBAlliance Tri-State Construction, Inc.02/06/20$400,000
EE269-CBuffalo ArmoryHorizon Masonry Restoration, Inc.02/28/20$200,000
EE270-HWende CFMichael A. Ferrauilo Plbg. & Htg., Inc.03/05/20$200,000
EE271-VBedford Hills CFD & M Electrical Contracting Inc.02/07/20$300,000
EE272-ERiverview CFM. Scher & Son Inc.02/18/20$150,000
EE273-HGroveland CFCrosby-Brownlie, Inc.02/12/20$300,000
EE274-EBronx PCM. Scher & Son Inc.02/14/20$200,000
EE276-VClinton CFWilliam J. Murray, Inc.02/24/20$200,000
EE277-PUlster CFG & M Mechanical, Inc.03/11/20$300,000
EE278-GMoriah CFReale Const. Co., Inc.03/10/20$100,000
EE279-PCook Chill Production CenterS & O Construction Services, Inc.03/03/20$150,000
EE281-CGreen Haven CFJTS Construction of Dutchess, Inc.03/11/20$300,000
EE282-CRegion 3 N Syracuse FABellows Construction Specialties, LLC03/03/20$150,000
EE283-PBronx ATCG & M Mechanical, Inc.03/06/20$300,000
EE284-GElmira PCVacri Construction Corp.03/03/20$200,000
EE285-PCook Chill Production CenterGerard's Plumbing & Heating Corp.03/10/20$150,000
EE287-GCreedmoor PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.03/11/20$300,000
EE289-EFranklin CFM. Scher & Son Inc.03/09/20$75,000
EE291-PRockland PCG & M Mechanical, Inc.03/13/20$75,000

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