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Project List
Project Trade(s) Title/Facility Bid Date  County
45606 Provide Lead Mitigation    08/23/17  Broome
    Binghamton Armory
45411 C E H P  Provide Classrooms & Recreation Pens, Buildings 4 & 5    08/23/17  Chemung
    Southport CF
45611 Provide Lead Mitigation    08/23/17  Clinton
    Morrisonville Armory
Q1720 Replace Roof System and Repair Exterior Wall    08/23/17  Erie
    Buffalo Armory, Masten
45612 Provide Lead Mitigation    08/23/17  Fulton
    Gloversville Armory
45646 Provide Lead Mitigation    08/23/17  Oneida
    Utica Armory
45610 Provide Lead Mitigation    08/23/17  Queens
    Whitestone Armory
45613 Provide Lead Mitigation    08/23/17  Richmond
    Staten Island Armory
45451 E H  Replace Chiller, Building 39    08/23/17  Rockland
    Nathan Kline RI
45537 Provide Modular Building    08/23/17  Westchester
    Camp Smith Training Site
45520 E H  Replace Cooling Towers    08/30/17  Albany
    Ten Eyck OB
44937 Rehabilitate Perimeter Wall    08/30/17  Clinton
    Clinton CF
M3086 Replace Roof, Building 22    08/30/17  Clinton
    Clinton CF
45523 C H  Miscellaneous Upgrades    08/30/17  St Lawrence
    Region 7 Ogdensburg
45286 Replace Roof, Building 3    08/30/17  Suffolk
    Pilgrim PC
45268 Provide EPDM Roofing and Abate Hazardous Materials- 8th and 9th Floor, Building 8    09/13/17  Albany
    State OB Campus
45262 Replace Generator    09/13/17  Genesee
    Tonawanda Indian Community House
M3075 Correct Water Infiltration & Remediate Mold    09/13/17  Oneida
    Central NY DDSO, Whitesboro
Q1687 Rehabilitate Parking Lot and Provide Additional Parking    09/13/17  Oneida
    Taberg RC Center for Girls

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