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Pursuant to State Finance Law § 143(1), effective January 11, 2020, D&C will waive the required deposit for Bidding and Contract Documents upon request by any Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise certified pursuant to Article 15-A of the Executive Law or any Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise certified pursuant to Article 17-B of the Executive Law.
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How to Acquire Bid Documents
Design & Construction
Bid Documents Available For Purchase
Project List
Project Trade(s) Title/Facility Bid Date  County
45659 C E H  Replace Windows, Stairways & Upgrade HVAC, Building 819 12/02/20  Dutchess
    Rockland PC, Hudson River Campus
M3115 Abate ACM Plaster, Bldgs, 10/Block B, 11/Block A and 13/Block D 10/28/20  Erie
    Wende CF
45572 Habitat Restoration Spicer Creek WMA 11/04/20  Erie
    Spicer Creek Wildlife Management Area
45886 Replace Roof, Dunlap Building 102 11/18/20  New York
    Manhattan PC
Q1804 Demolish Masonry Shed & Well Casing 11/04/20  Orange
    Mid Hudson PC
45789 C E  Rehabilitate Roads & Sidewalks, Buildings 18, 60, 73, and 75 11/04/20  Queens
    Creedmoor PC
45834 C E H U  Rehabilitate Elevators, Building 40 11/04/20  Queens
    Creedmoor PC
46026 Rehabilitate Parking Lots & Roadways, Buildings 55 & 56 11/18/20  Queens
    New York City Children’s Center - Queens Campus
45624 C E H  Replace Roof, Building 35 11/04/20  Rockland
    Nathan Kline RI
46022 C E H  Rehabilitate Freezer Space RS-7 & RS-8, Building 144 11/18/20  Rockland
    Cook Chill Production Center
45151 C E H P  Provide Subheadquarters 11/04/20  Suffolk
    Region 10 Elwood
45784 Refurbish Transfer Switches, Buildings 81, 82, 83 & 132 11/04/20  Suffolk
    Pilgrim PC
44086 C E H P  Replace Wastewater Treatment Plant 11/18/20  Ulster
    Highland RC
45857 C E H P  Rehabilitate Wastewater Treatment Plant 12/02/20  Ulster
    Eastern CF
46209 E H  Replace Heating System 11/04/20  Warren
    Region 1 Warrensburg

How to Acquire Bid Documents

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