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Plans Available For Purchase
Pursuant to State Finance Law § 143(1), effective January 11, 2020, D&C will waive the required deposit for Bidding and Contract Documents upon request by any Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprise certified pursuant to Article 15-A of the Executive Law or any Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise certified pursuant to Article 17-B of the Executive Law.

Design & Construction
Bid Documents Available For Purchase
Project List
Project Trade(s) Title/Facility Bid Date  County
Q1794 E H  Replace Cooling Tower    01/29/20  Albany
    44 Holland Ave OB
45601 C E H  Remove / Replace Fuel Oil Tanks    01/29/20  Dutchess
    Fishkill CF
45429 C E H P  Construct Wastewater Treatment Plant    02/05/20  Dutchess
    Green Haven CF
Q1758 Provide Generator Radiator Shroud    02/05/20  Dutchess
    Green Haven CF
44701 C E H  Replace Heating System and Windows, Inmate Housing, Building 21-2    02/19/20  Dutchess
    Fishkill CF
45997 C E H P  Replace Roof    01/29/20  Franklin
    St Regis Mohawk School
45623 Rehabilitate Elevators 1-9, Buildings 4 & 5    01/29/20  New York
    New York PI
45334 Provide Natural Gas, Building 134    02/19/20  New York
    Manhattan PC
45711 E H  Replace Primary Hot Water Pump System Powerhouse, Building No. 17    01/29/20  Oneida
    Mid State CF
45245 C E P U  Rehabilitate North Side Elevators, 1st Floor    02/19/20  Oneida
    Central NY PC
Q1762 Rehabilitate Basement, Building 18    01/29/20  Queens
    Creedmoor PC
45889 Replace Air Handling Units, Building 80    02/05/20  Suffolk
    Sagamore CPC

How to Acquire Bid Documents

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