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Special Notice
Hurricane Sandy – Resources For Contractors
The following resources* have been developed for the convenience of construction contractors participating in post-Sandy disaster remediation or reconstruction work with the New York State Office of General Services (OGS) or other NYS entities:

Lists of Pre-Approved Vendors
The firms shown on the lists below have worked on OGS projects within the past year and have been approved though the Vendor Responsibility Unit of the OGS Design & Construction Group.

    Previously-Approved Subcontractors:  PDF version   Microsoft Excel version

    Previously-Approved Disaster Restoration Firms:  PDF version

Lists of M/WBE Contractors by Trade **
The spreadsheet list shown at the link below includes names and contact information for NYS-certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise (M/WBE) firms for a variety of construction trades.

    Downstate NYS MWBE Contractors, 12-2012 :  Microsoft Excel version

Customizable Lists of Vendors by Construction Specialty **
OGS has invited vendors from the construction community to register and create “profiles” showing the firms’ contact information (including their M/WBE status), their construction specialties, and their particular interest in working on Hurricane Sandy disaster reconstruction projects.

By using the link below, contractors can prepare customized lists, by specialty, of registered vendors interested in post-Sandy reconstruction work:
Click to Prepare Customized List

* The firms on any of these lists are potentially available as subcontractors on OGS projects. Inclusion on these lists, however, does not imply endorsement of these contractors by OGS.

** For OGS projects, the existing procedures for contractors to submit subcontractors for vendor responsibility review must be followed and a BDC 329 is required for approval and payment purposes.