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Vendor Interest Profile
OGS has launched a new program to communicate with vendors about upcoming construction projects. Interested vendors who take advantage of this program will be eligible to:

  • Automatically receive e-mail notifications for all OGS projects that match the construction specialties and counties in which they are interested.

  • Be listed on the OGS website as an interested subcontractor or supplier for all of those projects. If your firm is a minority or women-owned business (M/WBE), your certification status will be shown with your listing.

Only one individual per company will be allowed to set up and administer the Vendor Interest Profile for that company. The e-mail address used by this individual will be the only one to which e-mail notifications of construction opportunities will be sent.

This program does not currently apply to consultant projects, emergency projects, job order and work order projects, and construction projects designed prior to the use of Master Specifications (MF04) numbering system. Vendors are encouraged to check the OGS web site directly for information on these projects.

If you wish to participate in this program and complete a Vendor Interest Profile, and are a principal or are otherwise authorized to represent your company, please click here.