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Informality List
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Bid Form and Bid Bond Informalities

The table below is a partial listing of informalities that may result in a bid being disqualified. This listing is not comprehensive and there are other informalities which may occur causing disqualification; however, many of the common types of informalities encountered are listed. If an informality in the bid occurs, the appropriate code will appear next to the bid on the Bid Results with an explanation of the code below. Bid disqualifications are final.

Informality List
Description (IBS = Improper Bid Security): 
 AIBS - Incomplete Form, No Contractor Acknowledgment 
 AABID DISQUALIFIED - No Contractor Signature on Bid Bond 
 ABBID DISQUALIFIED - No Surety Signature on Bid Bond 
 ACBID DISQUALIFIED - Surety Not Licensed in New York State 
 ADBID DISQUALIFIED - Bid Form, No Original Signature 
 AEBID DISQUALIFIED - Bid Bond, No Original Signature 
 AGBID DISQUALIFIED - No Amount Stated on Bid Bond 
 AIBID DISQUALIFIED - No Non-Collusion Certification 
 AKBID DISQUALIFIED - Other - Non-Responsive 
 ALBID DISQUALIFIED - No Contractor Signature on Bid 
 AOBID DISQUALIFIED - Note Added to Bid (Material) 
 AQBID DISQUALIFIED - No Subcontractor List 
 ARBID DISQUALIFIED - No Signature or Subcontractor's Name or Agreed-Upon Amount on Subcontractor List 
 BIBS - Incomplete Form, No Surety Acknowledgment 
 CIBS - Improper Corporate Acknowledgment 
 DIBS - Improper Surety Acknowledgment 
 EIBS - Incomplete Form, No Financial Statement of Surety 
 FIBS - Outdated Financial Statement of Surety 
 GIBS - Incomplete Form, No Certification on Power-of-Attorney 
 HIBS - Outdated Certification on Power-of-Attorney 
 IIBS - Incomplete Form, No Power-of-Attorney 
 JIBS - Power-of-Attorney not listed on P/A Form 
 KIBS - Bid Bond Made Out in the Incorrect Amount 
 LIBS - Personal / Company Check 
 MIBS - Note Added to Bid Bond 
 NIBS - Rider Attached to Bid Bond 
 OINFORMALITY - Note Added to Bid (Immaterial) 
 PINFORMALITY - Addendum Not Acknowledged on Bid Form 
 RINFORMALITY - Bid Amount Modified Prior to Bid Opening 
 TINFORMALITY - Words and Figures Differ 
 UINFORMALITY - Words Omitted from Bid Amount 
 VINFORMALITY - Figures Omitted from Bid Amount 
 WIBS - Bid Bond Not On OGS Form