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M/WBE Utilization Plans
Consultant Contracts
Awarded as of 04/01/2018
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Contract No. Title Consultant Award Date
SC786 Fire Protection Engineering Services Code Consultants Professional Engineers, PC 6/12/2019
SC725 Architectural Services Quinlivan, Pierik & Krause - Arch/Eng/Landscape Arch, LLP 6/11/2019
45694 ADA, Lighting and Fire Protection Improvements NV5 New York - Engineers, Architects, LS Architects & Survey 6/10/2019
SC726 Architectural Services Trautman King Markwart Assoc. P.C. dba Trautman Associates 6/5/2019
SC811 Flood Protection & Dam Safety Engineering, and Bergmann Assoc.,Arch.,Eng.,Landscape Arch.&Surveyors, D.P.C. 5/31/2019
SC728 Architectural Services Ronnette Riley Architect 5/24/2019
SC536 Concrete and Related Structural Repairs Delta Engineers, Architects, & Land Surveyors, D.P.C. 5/21/2019
SC731 Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Services Tectonic Engineering & Surveying Consultants, P.C. 4/23/2019
SC727 Architectural Services Lomonaco & Pitts, Architects P.C. 4/12/2019
SC723 Architectural Services Bergmann Assoc.,Arch.,Eng.,Landscape Arch.&Surveyors, D.P.C. 4/10/2019
SC721 Architectural Services Bernier, Carr & Assoc. Eng. Arch. and Land Surveyors, P.C. 4/9/2019
SC685 Security Design Services Term Contract Cannon Design Architecture and Engineering, P.C. 4/8/2019
SC658 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide FPM Engineering & Geology, P.C. 4/5/2019
SC722 Architectural Services Architectural Resources, P.C. 4/5/2019
SC724 Architectural Services Bell & Spina, Architects-Planners, P.C. 4/5/2019
SC641 Dam Inspections & Engineering Services Schnabel-Lachel Engineering, PC 3/14/2019
SC684 Security Design Services Term Contract GHD Consulting Services Inc. 2/7/2019
SC661 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Pathfinder Engineers and Architects, LLP 2/6/2019
SC662 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Hesnor Engineering Associates, PLLC 2/6/2019
SC683 Security Design Services Term Contract CHA Consulting, Inc. 1/30/2019
SC682 Security Design Services Term Contract LaBella Associates, DPC 1/25/2019
SC659 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Delta Engineers, Architects, & Land Surveyors, D.P.C. 1/25/2019
SC660 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide McFarland-Johnson, Inc. 1/25/2019
SC656 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Friedman Fisher Associates, PC 1/25/2019
SC655 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide RMF Engineering, Inc., P.C. 1/22/2019
SC654 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide Sage Engineering Assoc., LLP 1/16/2019
SC657 Engineering/Architectural Services-Statewide CHA Consulting, Inc. 1/15/2019
SC640 Dam Inspections & Engineering Services Bergmann Assoc.,Arch.,Eng.,Landscape Arch.&Surveyors, D.P.C. 1/9/2019
45872 Provide Forensic Identification Unit & Additions Stantec Consulting Services Inc. 11/28/2018
SC288 CM Services Troop K Headquarters Jacobs Project Management Co. 11/5/2018
SC223 Study to Rehabilitate Building 8 and 8a CHA Consulting, Inc. 10/17/2018
SC497 Flood Resiliency, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Term Contract Milone & MacBroom, Inc. 10/12/2018
SC498 Flood Resiliency, Risk Assessment & Mitigation, Term Contract O'Brien & Gere Engineers, Inc. 10/11/2018
45673 Repair Leaks, 7th & 9th Floor Terraces Bell & Spina, Architects-Planners, P.C. 9/24/2018
SC351 Environmental Remediation Design HRP Associates, Inc. d/b/a HRP Engineering, P.C. 9/11/2018
45692 Rehabilitate Plaza Deck & East Park Area Bell & Spina, Architects-Planners, P.C. 9/10/2018
44938 Replace Condensate Lines, Collins I & Collins II LaBella Associates, DPC 8/29/2018
45837 Provide Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements,, Building 92 Savin Engineers, P.C. 8/24/2018
45857 Rehabilitate Wastewater Treatment Plant GHD Consulting Services Inc. 8/21/2018
45644 Replace ESP Brick Roadways System and Associated Construction Components Spring Line Design Architecture + Engineering, LLP 8/21/2018
SC352 Environmental Remediation Design Stantec Consulting Services Inc. 7/31/2018
SC209 Construction Management Services TDX Construction Corporation 7/16/2018
SC350 Environmental Remediation Design LiRo Engineers, Inc. 7/9/2018
SC334 Provide Water Tower Upgrades - Term Contract H2M Architects, Eng, Land Surv., and Landscape Arch. DPC 6/8/2018
SC335 Provide Water Tower Upgrades - Term Contract Bernier, Carr & Assoc. Eng. Arch. and Land Surveyors, P.C. 6/4/2018
45433 Reconstruct Swan Street WSP USA Inc 6/4/2018
SC266 Code Services: Belmont Sports & Entertainment Complex Jensen Hughes Engineering, P.C. 5/29/2018
45588 Provide Kosher Meal Production Area, Building 55 & Storage Additions, Building 50 Goshow Architects, LLP 5/1/2018