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Federal Surplus Property
Current Offerings

Current offerings are available to eligible organizations that are registered with the NYS Federal Surplus Property Program. This property is not available to individuals.

Property Description   Property Location Cost   Unit of Issue Last Removal Date
1989 Terex Skytrack 6000M Rough Terrain all wheel drive forklift, 4621 hours on Cummins 6 cylinger diesel engine. Starts and drives, interior and exterior is excellent. May have tilt hydraulic issue but everything else is working fine. This unit was shipped from Germany. Shipping fee is now reduced to $7400 and payable to the State of New Hamphire Federal Surplus Program directly before removal. A transfer service fee of $200 (reduced) is payable to NYS OGS. Several pictures can be e-mailed. Available NOW.
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  Concord NH   $200   ea   1/20/17 
1998 Stewart Stevenson 4 x 4 Model M1078, rated 2.5 ton capacity. Width 79 inches with 153.45 wheelbase. Diesel engine with only 8164 miles, everything works, this drove in from 22 miles away in -20 degree weather. Does not include shipping from Alaska. Screening ends 2/18 and last day to recall is 3/22/17
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  AK 99703  $2100   ea   3/2/17 
Freighliner Tractor fiberglass hoods (2) assemblies-new/unsed in shipping crate. HOOD ASSEMBLED USING URETHANE ADHESIVE;FACILITY FACTOR:MODERATELY RUGGED; end use ID number 320-01-272-5029,TRACTOR, 6X4, M915A2. NSN 2510 013277717. Screening ends 3/4/17
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  PA 17055  $300   ea   3/23/17 

Contact Any Federal Surplus Property Agent at (518) 457-3264 for additional information and pickup instructions.