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Federal Surplus Property
Current Offerings

Currently available to eligible organizations registered with NYS Federal Surplus Property Program.
Please contact us to see if you are eligible at (518) 457-3264.

Property Description   Property Location Cost   Unit of Issue Last Removal Date
Air Conditioners: 6 air conditioners available with built in heaters. Cooling capacity is 65,000 BTUs, Heating capacity is 48,000 BTUs. Units are 52 inches long x 31.75 inches tall x 42 inches wide. Weight is approximately 800 pounds. 60 AMPs. Uses HFC-134 refrigerant. Units are available for 541.29 each. Screening ends 1/12/22.
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  Mechanicsburg, PA  $541.29   6 each   2/26/22 
Loader: 1968 Allis Chalmers model 645M two and a half yard scoop type loader. Bucket width 106 inches. Turn radius 17 feet. Hobbs meters shows 3,763 hours. screening ends 1/29/22
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  Golden, CO  $1140.15   1 each   2/12/22 
Power Plant: Trailer mounted generators producing 120Kw continuous with auto paralleling. AC voltage 120, 208 or 240, 416 volts AC Frequency 400 Hz. Powerplant consists of 2 MEP-816A generator sets mounted on a M1061 trailer. Unit containers a power distribution system of 4 seperate outlets, auxillary fuel system, cable storage box with 2 100 AMP 100 foot long cables. Screening ends 2/12/22..
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  Hill AFB, UT  $4920   1 each   2/26/22 
Tanks: 500 gallon liquid storage tanks designed for petroleum products. Measuring 5.1 feet long, 6 feet wide, 3.75 feet tall. Material thickness is 0.16 inches. 7 tanks available for 624.75 each. Screening ends 2/22/2
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  Mechanicsburg, PA  $624.75   7 each   3/8/22 

Contact Any Federal Surplus Property Agent at (518) 457-3264 for additional information and pickup instructions.