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Federal Surplus Property
Current Offerings

Current offerings are available to eligible organizations that are registered with the NYS Federal Surplus Property Program. This property is not available to individuals.

Property Description   Property Location Cost   Unit of Issue Last Removal Date
Punching and Shearing Machines: manufactured by FAMCO model 10H10 Serial # S-03086783, 460 volt 3 phase 10' screening ends 8/17/19
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  Chambersburg, PA  $2000   1 each   8/31/2019 
Electric Forklift: model J60Z Serial # B416AO1629D, appears to be in good condition. screening ends 8/17/2019
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  Mechanicsburg, PA  $1902.6   1 each   8/31/2019 
Air Conditioner: 11 KECO 18,000 BTU units available. 3 phase, model F18H-35B, weight 270 lbs. Some units are better shape then others so you can pick the unit you want. screening ends 8/24/2019    Mechanicsburg, PA  $287   1 each   9/7/2019 
Tires, pneumatic vehicle: look new 450/80R 20. 8 tires in all, priced individually. Screening ends 8/24/2019    Chambersburg, PA  $114.5   1 each   9/7/2019 
1985, 4-ton, 4x4 Cargo Truck. Runs on diesel. Ran when parked. May be subjected to missing parts. Screening ends 8/23/2019.
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  Marquette, MI  $877.2   1 EA   9/6/2019 
Electric Lamps, set of 13. Perfectly useable, had to be gotten rid of as the office they come from could no longer use them due to wires not being double insulated or grounded. Screening ends 8/15/2019.
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  Cleveland, OH  $1.75   13 EA   8/29/2019 
Greensmaster 1000 looks complete, motor turns, tires good. Kawasaki FG 150. Screening ends 8/17/2019.
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  Mechanicsburg, PA  $350   1 each   8/31/2019 
M929 Dump Truck. 32,340 mileqge. Service Rust on box. Interior is in fair condition and looks to be useable. Tires are OK. It runs and drives well and the bed works as it should. Screening ends 8/17/2019.
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  Chambersburg, PA  $4227.7   1 EA   8/31/2019 
1980 Tucker Sno Cat Model 1544. Was running, but has not been used much in the past few years. Tracks aren't in the best shape and will need replacing. Call us for more info if interested. Screening ends 8/13/2019.
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  Idaho Falls, ID  $1680.4   1 EA   8/27/2019 
Truck, Fork Lift: 1991 Hyster 10,000 lb, runs but will need new batteries. Enclosed cab, in pretty good shape overall. Call for pictures. Screening ends 8/17/19    Watertown, NY  $2134.7   1 each   9/7/2019 
Maintenance Platform, Aircraft: MCT Industries model MCT 50000 SLD scissor lift. Max height 36 feet, load rating 2,000 lbs. Looks complete. Not sure if it works because it did not have power, length 201", width 157", height (lowered) 81". Screening ends 8/31/2019    Chambersburg, PA  $3588.7   1 each   9/14/2019 
Weber Tamper, vibrating type, internal combustion, looks to be complete, screening ends 8/17/2019
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  Mechanicsburg, PA  $188.75   1 each   8/31/2019 
Aircraft, Fixed Wing AJE-00341. Stated as being in excellent condition as it shows little wear. Both engine hobbs meters show 268 total hours. Aircraft has been hangared since acquisition. Can fly 1,010 nautical miles with a full tank . If interested call us for more details. Screening ends 8/31/2019.
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  Glendale, AZ  $0   1 EA   9/14/2019 
Bomac Tampers model year 2004-2002, Honda Motor, motors turn over. Look to be in usable condition. Screening ends 8/17/2019
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  Mechanicsburg, PA  $124.25   2 each   8/31/2019 
25 Diesel generators, trailer mounted: 10kw, made in early 90's, MEP 803A. Low hours. If allocated you can pick the one you want on a first come first served basis. Screening ends 8/17/2019
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  Chambersburg, PA  $886.5   1 each   8/31/2019 

Contact Any Federal Surplus Property Agent at (518) 457-3264 for additional information and pickup instructions.