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Hannaford Kidz Expo
Vendor Guidelines
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Vendor Guidelines

2005 State Purchasing Forum Contractor Trade Show



In an effort to maintain display standards and present an attractive, neat appearance to the public, the following Vendor Display Guidelines are in effect. This will be a juried show and a complete and accurate application is needed to insure your ability to participate in this year’s event. Each application will be reviewed based on the following criteria: 


Criteria for Vendors at the Empire State Plaza Kidz Expo

  • Completeness of the application. (10%) including the Contract Agreement on bottom of page
  • The wherewithal of the Vendor to render the requested services to the State. (15%)
  • Presentation of booth. Provide a photo of your proposed booth set-up. (20%)
  • The value to the At the Plaza customers, given the quality of the items being presented (20%)
  • Description of product or service being provided, appropriateness of items to the event (35%) this should include past performance, professional qualifications and experience.



    • 1 Table will be included in the cost of your booth. Additional tables may be rented through the decorator (TBD). Vendors may provide additional tables within own designated space.



    • Signage for booth will be provided by the decorator. Professional banners may be used as a substitute.
    • Any other signage must have approval of the Show manager.



    • All merchandise should be suitable for a family audience.
    • OGS reserves the sole right to request removal of any products at its discretion that it feels is not suitable for Kidz Expo display and/or sale.
    • Logo or designer products must be authenticated as under license from legitimate sources.
    • Quantity and quality of products for sale must be sufficient to be considered first quality.
    • Items marked “close-out,” “seconds,” or similar are not permitted.
    • Used goods, unless considered “collectibles” are not permitted.
    • Yard sale, flea market, or swap meet type products and displays are not permitted.


    General Conditions

    1.   Once confirmed, refunds are not possible.

    2.   Participants are expected to maintain the cleanliness of their booths at all times.

    3.   Failure to leave booth space in condition found will forfeit future participation.

    4.   Specialty food products refer to packaged items not intended to be eaten on the spot.

    5.   Failure to pay all outstanding invoices will forfeit future participation.

    6.   Tax ID must be in plain view, if sales are taking place.

    7.   Booths may not be loaned or sublet to anyone other than the applicant.

    8.   Booths must be attended at all times.

    9.   All participants are expected to conduct themselves with courtesy and in an orderly manner. Arguments, harassment, sexual harassment, name-calling, profane language or fighting are grounds for revocation of the vendor permit.

    10.  Any articles found by a participant will immediately be turned over to the Plaza Manager’s Office. Customers looking for lost items should be directed to the Plaza Manager’s Office.

    11.  Participants will indicate on their application what products they will be selling or what services promoted. Vendors who misrepresent themselves or products for the purpose of securing booth space will forfeit participation for future events.

    12.  Payment for vendor space may be charged or made by check, money order or credit card payable to OGS Special Events prior to participation date. Should a participant be unable to attend a previously reserved event, a credit may be issued at the discretion of OGS Special Events, provided notification is received at least 24 hours prior to the event. Cash Refunds are not possible.

    13.  OGS reserves the right to change the location, dates, hours, or to terminate entirely the operation of the scheduled event at any time and without prior notice to the vendor.

    14.  OGS will not consent to the sale of merchandise containing the names, logos and/or images ofNew York State, the NYS Capitol or the Empire State Plaza.


    For additional information contact OGS Special Events Office (518) 486-1873

Notice: All Vendors need to take an additional step before your registration is complete.
Please open and complete the contract agreement below, sign and return it to validate your registration. This will be considered when evaluating the Completeness of the application. (10%) And must be sent before the application is approved.
This form can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed : attn: Jason Rumpf
Contract Agreement