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3.1. Who is covered by the State Finance Law provisions? (Last Updated: 6/14/2010)

A:  The following Governmental Entities are required to comply with the State Finance Law provisions when conducting Governmental Procurements:

a.  State Agencies (departments, boards, bureaus, commissions, divisions, offices, councils, committees and officers of the state including those which are temporary);
b.  NYS Senate and Assembly;
c.  Unified Court System;
d.  Public Authorities and Public Benefit Corporations and any subsidiary or affiliate thereof;
e.  Industrial development agencies in jurisdictions with a population of 50,000 or more; and
f.   Local public benefit corporations.

     See State Finance Law §139-j (1) (a).  The law also covers individuals and entities and /or their employees or other representatives who desire to contact a Governmental Entity about a Governmental Procurement. 

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