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     Welcome to the OGS Purchaser Notification Service, the online registration site for government purchasers and others interested in receiving information about OGS commodities, services and technology contracts as well as other important procurement related information.
     While we think that we have designed a registration process that you will find easy to use, please follow the registration instructions carefully to help insure that you create a complete and accurate registration profile.
     Registering in our new system is as simple as one-two-three:
  One: Provide some basic information about your government entity.
  Two: Select the Product and/or Services Classification areas that fit your interests.
  Three: Sit back and wait for the email notices to be delivered to your inbox.
     You may be familiar with the OGS Group Number commodity coding scheme.   Our new service will supplement that coding scheme with a more generic Product and Services Classification system to facilitate your registration.  This simple commodity classification system uses about 55 broad categories to cover the hundreds of contracting areas covered by OGS procurement contracts.
     Documents and procurement information will be available on our website whether or not you register for this new service.  However, registering is the only way you will receive the email announcements regarding new contracts and registering will ensure that you receive updates and amendments to contracts as they occur as well as other important, timely contract information.  We encourage you to register now.   The process will take less than ten minutes.
     If you would like more information about our system or detail about the registration process before proceeding you may click here.

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