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Bid Opening Results

Welcome to the Office of General Services Procurement Services Group (PSG) Bid Opening Results Page. PSG appreciates the opportunity to provide vendors with access to electronic bid results efficiently and effectively.

Bid tabulations are photocopies or spreadsheets of bid prices received for each bid. Results are anticipated to be posted within two business days following the bid opening. Bid information is raw price data and subject to further verification and validation. Updates to results may be posted and vendors have the sole responsibility to periodically check the web site for such updates. For best value awards (RFP), the bid tabulation is the list of bidders that responded to the proposal.

Vendors may view or print bid results by clicking on the Bid Number in the table below. Bid tabulations will remain available until the contract is awarded and is posted on the OGS web page. Vendors are encouraged to view the online bid results and to provide feedback regarding your experience using the email link provided.

PSG reserves the right to provide bid results through FOIL, should online results become unavailable.

Please feel free to forward comments to PSG about electronic retrieval of online bid results:

Bid Opening Group Number Bid Number Last Modified


08/30/2007 01002 21196   Canned Vegetables (Tomato Products in Drums) (DOCS & OMH) {READVERTISEMENT OF IFB 20975, B/O 8/23/07}
08/23/2007 34104 21002   Drug and Alcohol Screening Products (Urine Based) (Statewide)
08/21/2007 40410 21053   Police Vehicles (2008 Model Year) (Statewide)
08/09/2007 31503 21131   Bituminous Concrete, Hot Mix Asphalt (DOT, Specific Project:VPP) (2007 Second Letting Hot Mix Asphalt VPP) (Combined State Funded and Federally Aided)
08/09/2007 31509 21130   Liquid Bituminous Materials (2007 Paver Placed Surface Treatment) (Federal Funds)(Second Letting) (DOT, Specific Project)
08/09/2007 32000 20674   Guide/Bridge Rails, End Sections, and Accessories (Statewide)
08/08/2007 23300 20995   Paper Napkins (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions)
08/08/2007 23300 20994   Facial Tissue (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions)
08/07/2007 31504 20999   Bituminous Concrete Cold Patch (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions)
08/07/2007 40490 21054   Lease Vehicles (Cars, Vans, Pickups & SUVs) (2008 Model Year) (Statewide)
08/02/2007 79005 20958   Travel Agent Services (Statewide)
08/01/2007 20600 20759 08/10/07 Carpet and Carpet Tile (Statewide)
08/01/2007 50048 21128   Thermographed Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions) {Readvertisement of IFB 20933, Bid Opening: June 12, 2007}
07/31/2007 32100 20976   Snow/Ice Control Agents (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions)
07/25/2007 01600 20800   Milk (Fluid) (Statewide)
07/24/2007 32100 20940   Treated Salt (DOT and Others)
07/11/2007 31507 21102   Liquid Bituminous Materials (Cold-In-Place Recycling) (DOT, Specific Projects - Federal Aid)
07/11/2007 40902 20880   Snowplow Shoes (DOT and Others)
07/10/2007 38700 20767   Scientific Equipment (Molecular & Cell Biology, Mass Spectroscopy, Chromatography, Human Identification & Forensics; Instruments/Accessories, Consumables, Extended Equipment Maintenance Warranties) (Statewide)
07/03/2007 40570 20774   Trucks (Light Duty, Class 3 and 4) (Cab-Chassis Type with Various Bodies, Snow Plows and Associated Options/Accessories) (Statewide)
06/28/2007 35202 20876   Chemical Law Enforcement Devices, Accessories and Related Products (Statewide)
06/27/2007 31505 21075   Liquid Bituminous Materials (Crack Sealer) (DOT, Region 9 - Specific Projects)
06/26/2007 05700 20937 07/03/07 Oil, Lubricating, High Detergent (For Internal Combustion Engines) (Zones 1-11) (Statewide)
06/05/2007 50213 20934   Xerographic Copy Paper - White (Truckload Lots) (All NYS Agencies and Political Subdivisions Requiring Truckload Lots)
05/31/2007 31509 21024   Liquid Bituminous Materials - Paver Placed Surface Treatment (DOT, Specific Projects) (Federal Funds)
05/30/2007 31506 21061   Liquid Bituminous Material (Microsurfacing) (Federal Funds) (DOT, Special Projects)
05/23/2007 31508 21023   Liquid Bituminous Materials - Surface Treatment (DOT, Specific Projects, Region 6) (Federal Funds)
05/15/2007 35200 20881   Firearms, Ammunition, Handcuffs, Batons, Holsters and Targets (Statewide)
05/03/2007 31508 21022   Liquid Bituminous Material (Fiber Reinforced Surface Treatment) (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions)
04/26/2007 05602 20986   Diesel Engine Fuel, Ultra-Low Sulfur and Biodiesel (On-Road Use Only) (Statewide)
04/17/2007 05500 20834 04/24/07 Fuel Oil, Heating (Grades #2, #4, #6, Kerosene and Bioheating Fuel) (Statewide)
02/08/2007 31506 20719   Liquid Bituminous Materials (Microsurfacing) (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions)
01/04/2007 73003 20099   Temporary Personnel (Statewide)
12/12/2006 73005 20487   Translating and Interpreting Service (Statewide)
09/19/2006 77017 20268 09/25/06 Comprehensive Telecommunications Services
09/12/2006 20915 20551   Furniture, All Types (Except Hospital Room and Patient Handling) (Statewide)
06/29/2006 72002 20108   Fleet Management Services (Statewide)
05/02/2006 39000 20304   Industrial and Commercial Supplies and Equipment (Statewide)
04/19/2006 77201 20191   Security Systems & Solutions (All State Agencies and Political Subdivisions)

For information concerning these bid opportunities, please contact PSG Customer Services.

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