Comprehensive Telecommunications Equipment and Solutions

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Contract Period:   Various - See Contractor Listing EXPIRED

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{Includes Pricing Information}

Group:  77018  Award:  21350

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Use of Contracts:  All State Agencies and Non-State Agencies

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Contact Person:  Steven Charles
Telephone:  (518) 486-5354    Fax:  (518) 486-6867

Customer Service

Contract Issued:       March 27, 2009
Contract Updated:  November 16, 2017

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{Includes Contract Updates, Original Award, Supplemental Awards, Etc.}

The New York State Office of General Services, Procurement Services Group has identified qualified contractors to provide various Comprehensive Telecommunication Equipment Solutions. This contract award identifies the multiple contracts, both statewide and/or by county, to provide Authorized Users the ability to obtain various Telecommunication Equipment Solutions. This Contract Award Notification outlines the terms and conditions, as well as the accepted Telecommunication Equipment Solutions.

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