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{Updated / Revised}

Contract Period:  December 13, 2018 – December 12, 2022

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Group:   50020        Award:   23135-RS    
                                      (Replaces 22880-RS and 22879-RS)
  Use of Contracts:   NYS Divison of the Budget (DOB) and The Executive Chamber

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Contact Person:   Mark Helling
Telephone:  (518) 473-3253    

Customer Service

Contract Issued:   December 13, 2018
Contract Updated:   December 11, 2020
This Contract Award is issued by the New York State Office of General Services Procurement Services on behalf of the New York State Division of the Budget (DOB) and the Executive Chamber. The Contract Award is for use by DOB and the Executive Chamber for the procurement of printed Budget Appropriation Bills; Budget Documents; and Messages from the Governor, including the State of the State publications. This Contract Award is for recycled material.

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