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NYS Procurement
Bid Calendar

Welcome to the New York Procurement (NYSPro) Bid Calendar. You may view or print active bid documents by clicking on the Bid Number in the table below. After the bid opening, results are available at Bid Opening Results.

The NYS Office of General Services (OGS) Bidder Notification System (BNS) is being phased out. Starting October 1, 2014, OGS will provide all notifications on bidding opportunities through the New York State Contract Reporter site at https://www.nyscr.ny.gov.

In order to receive information on OGS bidding opportunities on and after September 30, 2014 YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE NEW YORK STATE CONTRACT REPORTER AT: https://www.nyscr.ny.gov and navigate to the "I want to find contracts to bid on" page to register for your free account.

If you do not register for the New York State Contract Reporter, you will not receive information on OGS bidding opportunities after September 30, 2014. Existing BNS users who register through the New York State Contract Reporter site may receive notices from both the BNS and the Contract Reporter for the transition period of February through September 30, 2014. We appreciate your patience during this transition period and encourage you to register at your earliest convenience to take advantage of the added benefits of the new and improved New York State Contract Reporter notification and information portal.

A crosswalk of categories from the existing Bidder Notification to the Contract Reporter is available here; current list of categories is available as a hyperlink at the top of the sheet http://online.ogs.ny.gov/purchase/spg/pdfdocs/BnsVsCR_Crosswalk.pdf.

Continuous/Periodic Recruitment--New York State is currently undergoing Procurement Transformation, resulting in the temporary suspension of Continuous Recruitment. When these contracting areas are reopened, notices will be distributed via the Bidder Notification Service described above, and updated solicitation information will be posted on this page. Notices regarding reopened Periodic Recruitment opportunities will be distributed and posted similarly.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - If you plan to visit the Office of General Services in the Tower Building, Empire State Plaza in Albany, to deliver a bid (or if you plan to have your bid hand delivered), to attend a meeting, or will be visiting our offices for other business reasons, please click here for Important Instructions for Visitors to the Empire State Plaza

Important:  Click here for Directions for Submitting a Bid.

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