Gartner Inc.
Information Advisory Services

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(Updated / Revised)

Contract Period:  June 13, 2013 – June 12, 2023

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Group:  73001  Award:  NEG-22601  Contract:  PS66085 

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Use of Contracts:  All State Agencies & Non-State Agencies
T&C's PDF icon Contact Person:  Hannah Schmidt
Telephone:  (518) 473-6582      

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Contract Issued:      June 14, 2013  
Contract Updated:  March 19, 2021

Customer Service


Gartner Information Technology (IT) Services are geared to the IT professional. Advisory Services cover the full range of IT products and services from applying technology, to following major trends and directions in IT, to managing and measuring your IT infrastructure. Guidance related to appropriate technology planning, selection and procurement is also provided.

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