Travel Management Services

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Contract Period:   March 03, 2021 - March 02, 2026

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Group:  79005  Award:  23211
                                     (Replaces Award 22536)

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Use of Contracts:  All State Agencies and Non-State Agencies

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Contact Person:  Mark Milstein
Telephone:  (518) 402-5005  

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Contract Issued:   March 08, 2021
Contract Updated:  November 10, 2023

Customer Service

The Statewide Travel Management Services Contract provides business travel services for all commercial modes of travel both domestically and internationally to Authorized Users. The Travel Management Services Contractor will arrange travel (online and agent-assisted reservations) for State business travelers and facilitate the use of centralized travel contracts for airline travel, vehicle rentals and lodging. The contract offers electronic airline ticketing, and extensive reporting capabilities to enable using entities to effectively administer their travel programs.

This contract is for use by all New York State employees of The Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government including New York State Public Authorities, Boards and Political subdivisions. Additionally, service may be utilized by local governments, school districts and others authorized by law.

This Award has 0% MBE, 0% WBE and 0% SDVOB goal requirements.
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