Security Guard Services (Statewide)
and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors
(Region 1 – NYC Only)

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{Updated / Revised}

Contract Period:   January 24, 2019 – January 23, 2024

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Group:  71011  Award:  23106  

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Use of Contracts:  All State Agencies and Non-State Agencies

Region & Pricing Summary

Contact Person:  Jennifer Stafford 
Telephone:  (518) 473-7145  

Regional Map & Mailing List

Contract Issued:   November 30, 2018
Contract Updated: January 12, 2023

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Customer Service

This award is to provide security guard services at two levels of experience for Authorized Users throughout the State and Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Directors for Region 1 – NYC Only. This contract makes use of a regional approach, with New York State being divided into nine (9) Regions. To obtain services under this Award, Authorized Users must issue a competitive Request for Quote (RFQ) to all Awardees within the Region where the services will be performed.

This Contract Award Notification contains MWBE goals of 15% MBE and 15% WBE. SDVOB Goals of 6%.

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