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To view fuel prices, select the appropriate link for the fuel categories listed below.
Please note: The "Previous Fuel Prices" link should be utilized for the Gasoline and E85, Diesel, Heating Fuel Oil and LPG contract princing prior to 2017.
The "Net Fuel Prices" link should be used for the expired Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Fuel Oil, and LP Gas contracts prior to December, 2014.

To view Contract Award Documents, click the link below to the Centralized Contract Lising. To Search, enter the Group or Award Number, or a search phrase.

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Diesel Engine Fuel (Group 05602)
Heating Fuel Oil (Group 05500)
Gasoline and E-85 (Group 05600)
Liquefied Propane Gas - LPG (Group 05800)
Natural Gas (Group 05900)